Today’s society and way of life in most countries has left a large portion of the global population fat, weak and feeble. Wow, what a harsh start to our first ezine in who knows how long. If I have offended anyone then I’m sorry, well actually, no I’m not, well not that much anyway. It’s true, our jobs, eating habits and lifestyle has left us with an overweight population dying of heart disease and going through life moving sluggishly from the couch to the fridge.

This is not meant to be an attack against anyone that doesn’t exercise or play sports. I’m merely making a point, but this point, this problem also comes with a solution as you’ll soon see. You see the main issue is that the fitness industry has tried many times, through many different campaigns, fads and ideas to eliminate the issue of lack of fitness, sedentary jobs and poor nutrition. But it has never worked on a large scale. I see many people in gyms across the world making an earnest effort to lose weight and get healthy, but still remaining the same as they were two years ago.

This article is here to demonstrate what Personal Evolution is really all about and how you can use the principles yourself, whether you’re a paying client or you simply want to take advantage of the free advice, programmes and articles that I am more than happy to provide.

So lets take a look at what the fitness industry and the nutritional/weight loss industry has tried to push as a solution. Firstly we are sold things like meal replacement shakes, egg whites, low fat, diet pills, endless supplements and all manner of diet fads. Then we are told to slug out hours of slow and steady cardio, weights in a fitness centre on machines and various group exercise classes like spin, pump and step. These have worked to a small degree for a small percentage of the population. But for the rest, well, they’re still struggling, either that or they got bored and gave up.

So who was it that made the rule that endless hours of cardiovascular exercise will make someone thin and healthy? I certainly don’t remember seeing the research that supported this. Did I miss something? So what’s the problem here? People have been led down two paths. The first is the one that promotes tonnes of exercise with barely a mention of quality nutrition. The second is the focus on diets that tell you that you don’t have to exercise.

So what’s the real solution then? Why doesn’t all the rest of this stuff work? If you eat a tonne and weigh a tonne but exercise a tonne, you still weigh a tonne, or something like that. The point is, the first thing you need to change is your nutritional habits, you need to eat properly and it needs to be a permanent change, not a diet that you do for a specific period of time. I suggest eating a paleolithic diet, or something similar. If you don’t know what that is then google it. Further to that, you simply need to consume less calories. Once your diet is taken care of then you really are more than halfway there.

The exercise part is the fun part, this is where you get to develop yourself fully. You see the article title actually means something. What is Personal Evolution about? It is about training everyone to be an athlete or at least possess the qualities of an athlete, regardless of age, gender or background, or even physical limitations. What I mean is, we don’t simply train someone to lose weight and leave it at that. But why? What if you just want to be lean? Well I have some bad news for you. Firstly, if you focus on simply being lean then you will get lean for a time but then you will gradually slip into older habits and will almost always come full circle into being overweight and unhealthy again and again. Secondly, our regular daily lifestyle habits will not allow you to become a person of old times.

Back in ancient times a person had to run, jump, climb and throw just in order to have breakfast in the morning. If you weren’t an athlete then you simply died. You know, survival of the fittest and all that. So what we do is train people to move, to learn new skills and carry themselves differently. There’s no such thing as continuous cardio sessions. Let the nutrition improvements take care of most of the fat loss, the exercise part is simply there to teach you to move efficiently and promotes increased mobility and physical activity in your daily life.

Ok, so this probably all sounds like a rant. That’s mainly because I have something to say and limited time to say it. How can all of this apply to you? Firstly, it really doesn’t matter what exercise you are doing if your real goal is simply to get lean. So you can choose to become a sprinter, gymnast, soccer player or simply an all-round athlete. But when I say athlete, I don’t just mean someone that goes out every week playing sports. What I mean is someone that knows how to move through all the planes of motion and primal movement patterns.

Look after your diet, eat like a caveman or at least eat fresh and eat fewer calories. Move freely, don’t lock yourself into a machine at the gym and move in the preset planes allocated. Learn new skills, develop strength, flexibility, power and agility. Learn to swim, run, ride, jump, climb and throw. Have you ever seen a fat or unfit lion? How much slow and steady cardio do you think they do? Have you ever seen a week ape? I wonder which gym machines make them that way. What about people of 10,000 years ago? How did they get their food? How did they evade predatory animals? They had to be athletic, they had to know how to throw a spear, climb a tree, sprint across an open field etc.

The best advice, with regard to exercise, that I can give is to learn the primal movements such as deadlifts, squats, pulling (as in pull-ups), sprinting, swimming, jumping and throwing. Use these in the combinations and training systems provided by Personal Evolution. It is a guaranteed way to get the body you want, to look the part and to function like a wild animal. The change will be evident in everything you do, the way you move, the way you stand, the way you sit etc. By taking this approach you will naturally become lean and fit.

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