How is everyone? I hope you're all training hard. I want to share with you a simple, yet very grueling workout with you. I devised a simple workout to simulate the fitness of the world's best tennis players. It is meant to be done at maximum intensity and will probably cause nausea, but it will increase your fitness for moving around on two feet in every direction.

Before I share the workout, I just want to let you know that bootcamp is starting in three locations in Sydney. There will be mornings in Parramatta, lunch times and Saturdays in Sydney city and evenings in Merrylands.

Why join UNLEASHED bootcamp fitness instead of the many other dozens of bootcamps in Sydney? Most bootcamps are pretty much the same, with a few exceptions. What I teach are actual session plans with participants divided into groups dependent on goals and fitness levels. You will work towards actual objectives, not just a random workout. If you're after speed and power then that's what you will be doing. If you're seeking endurance then you'll be trained that way.

I have been in the business for 10 years and have trained everyone from overweight individuals to elite athletes. The training methods used are such that you will not find too many other trainers using.

For more details just contact me and we'll get started. Now for the workout...

Set up a short agility course with markers. Your choice on arrangement, but I suggest the Illinois agility test. Complete once through as fast as humanly possible. At the start line take two slow deep breaths then repeat. Keep going for 20 minutes in this fashion.

Next are suicide sprints. If you don't know what they are look it up on youtube. Each time you complete one set of suicides all the way through then rest for one minute and repeat. Keep going for 20 minutes.

Lastly we're going to have exhausting fun. Set up a square marked by cones. Make the square 10m x 10m. Begin in the bottom left corner, the whole time you will keep facing forward, no matter which direction you are facing. Complete the following.....

Sprint to top left corner, backwards to bottom left, sideways to bottom right, then continue all the way around the square facing to the front. Sprint on an angle to top right, sideways to top left, then diagonal backwards to bottom right. Perform 10 squat jumps then rest one minute. Continue for 15 minutes.

Go at it hard and don't give less than 100% the whole way through.


Chris Lyons

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