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Now for the article itself…’s very brief….

How long have you been exercising? No doubt if you’re reading this that you train hard and regular or you have done a decent amount of training at some time in the past. What is your goal? Is it fat loss? Is it muscle gain? Do you want to perform better at a chosen sport? Are you an elite athlete? You’ve likely been given your training advice from a coach or maybe some inexperienced gym instructor that only possesses the bare basic textbook knowledge of fitness.

The reason I ask is because quite frequently exercise is broken down into parts of the body. For muscle gain you might have a workout dedicated just to building your chest. When you strengthen your core you know doubt do it as a separate part of a session or a session in itself. And lets not even talk about isolation exercises like dumbell curls and tricep push-downs.

I want to pose a different way of thinking. Think of your body as a single functional unit, not a collection of separate parts. This applies whether you’re focused on optimal athletic performance or you have a more general goal such as overall health or weight loss.

When you move your body needs to coordinate itself very rapidly, especially during times of increased exertion, such as during vigorous training for a specific sport and just having fun on a night after work playing touch football with friends. Every muscle is interconnected and affects every other muscle involved in the action. During a segmented isolation movement or something focused on just one part of the body, you will notice other parts of the body being called to action the more fatigued you get. Take the bicep dumbell curl for instance; when you do this exercise for lets say a set of 10 you will notice that as you fatigue you start to lean to one side, your lats come into action to keep your elbow by your side and your deltoids and traps get called into play in order to be recruited to assist with the effort. The general person wanting to get fit and sculpt a muscular body will fight this action and force the muscle to do something unnatural, which is work on its own.

Obviously that is just one example of the hundreds of possible ones I could have given.

In order to one part of the body to function effectively there are other parts of the body that need to be well developed and strong or possess the necessary physical ability for the task at hand. So what I want you to do is start thinking this way. It does not mean that you can’t focus on looking good, getting lean and building muscles. What it means is that you need to start thinking about natural movement and exert yourself correctly.

I want you to picture a single muscle contraction as it lifts something. Imagine the muscle shortening with force and the tendon pulling on the bone. This is what happens every time you move, no matter how subtle the movement might be. Now how often do you see this action in only one muscle at any one time unless it is manufactured exertion such as most gym programmes.

Now consider how your muscles work as a team. When you sprint for instance you need to use a very large range of muscle in order to complete each stride and begin the next one. This is a coordinated effort between all these muscles. One muscle picks up the momentum from where the other one left off.

Visualise this in slow motion in your head, picture each muscle contracting both in sequence and simultaneously as you complete some kind of physical exertion. A muscle contracts simply by shortening with some kind of force and drawing one bone closer to another and changing the angle of a joint. Most movements and day to day life in general require a complex pattern of movement that requires a highly coordinated effort between the working muscles of that action.

This is just a thought to keep in mind. The take-home message here is to train the way the body is meant to move. Lift, throw, sprint, jump, use momentum, cheat etc. slow, controlled and isolated has absolutely no place in the real world. The body is one piece, treat it that way.

I hope all of this makes sense to you.


Chris Lyons

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