By now many of you have probably read some of the content on my website. If so then you can see that I am dedicated to the study of human potential, every day I study and research what human beings are truly capable of. Surely the day to day accomplishments of most people can’t be all there is, I mean there are so many people out there that achieve such extraordinary things that we couldn’t possibly be living to the highest standards.

People like Mother Theresa, Donald Trump, Kerry Strug, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Richard Branson and so many others all have one thing in common, they took what they love to do and they pushed the limits beyond what anyone else could expect. They had a passion for what they love and defied all the so-called rules and they created something special.

Are they special? Well yes and no. In one way they are indeed special, these people had a vision, they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what they wanted and they went for it. The second ingredient they had was absolute faith. These “special” individuals had a sense of absolute certainty that what they wanted to achieve was already theirs. They used every resource available and did what others give up on and say is impossible.

On the other hand, they’re not really special. What I mean is, they are special in their faith and their vision but in another way they are just ordinary people, they are people like you and I. Everyone has the in-built capabilities that the extraordinary people of our time possess.

Even if you’re a stay at home mom, a brick layer, retired, a trolley collector, unemployed or whatever, you a have the ability to create whatever you want from life even if you have to start from scratch. Am I saying that we all have dreams as big as solving world hunger, becoming the leader of our country or starting multi-national corporations? Of course not.

What I am saying is that, whatever it is we want from life can be ours if we a) have the vision, b) have a compelling enough reason (a passion), c) have a concrete belief in it’s achievement, d) learn from every success and failure and e) keep adapting our strategy until we find what works and then just keep committing to the next action and the next and so on. We don’t even have to know the whole plan, the “how” will reveal itself along the way, we just need to take the first step, then the next and the next.

There is one thing among many that keeps a lot of people from achieving their goals. That is that most people are so focussed on what they want that they get overwhelmed. They get caught up in all the hype and all the so-called facts of the right way to do something and it no longer becomes a passion, it becomes a chore. Also, most people are so focussed on what they want that they don’t stop to consider what they already have.

I was guilty of this for some time. I became very focussed on what I wanted that I wasn’t considering the success I had at the time. I also turned my passion into a chore, an arduous task. There is a lot of information out there about the right way to things and I got overwhelmed by trying to consume all this information.

Recently I realised what was happening. I thought about how my talks and my writing used to be much more engaging. How is it that I emanated more passion and charisma a year ago than I did 3 months ago? It’s because everything started becoming a chore, my business became too business-like and ceased to have that edge that I had over others in the same field. I was unique, I was charismatic, I’m not a tie wearer, I don’t drive a BMW, I like simplicity, I like helping people get what they want, I like to stop to admire the beauty of a landscape. In other words, I like to live and I like to inject passion into what I do and I want others to feel it too.

I have rediscovered this passion and reignited the charisma that once escaped from every pore, I am now more passionate than ever. I give my all, not because I “have” to in order to succeed but because I would be running these seminars and doing everything I do even if I were not paid and even if there was nothing gained in return.

That’s were so many people go astray, they try to do it the way that some “expert” tells them and they lose the individuality of what they are striving to achieve. They lose the uniqueness of their business, their parenting style, their humanitarian efforts and anything else they used to put their heart and soul into. Why follow rigid rules? Become passionate again, do things the way you truly love to do them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are experts out there that give you important information that should be followed, I mean after all, they have been there and done it. But don’t get too caught up in all the rules and “ways”. If it violates your identity, find another way. There is only one YOU and that’s what you need to bring to everything you do.

Ok, so I’ve gotten a little off-track here. The topic of this newsletter issue has become a little unclear but it still gives you something to think about doesn’t it? So I’m going to leave it as is.

As I mentioned before, those who achieve extraordinary things possess a state of absolute certainty, a sense of faith and belief in the object of their desire. This is so strong that there is absolutely no doubt about whether they will achieve what they want or not. They don’t know the whole plan, they don’t have some special secret or anything like that, they just have a burning desire combined with unwavering certainty.

As I have discussed on my site, emotions are something we have control over, even when our environment seems so overwhelming. Emotions are a pattern, it’s not an automated response. Why am I telling you this? Because by conditioning yourself using the outlined methods in my site, you can create that state of faith and absolute certainty that you need. If you condition this feeling on a daily basis, amazing things will begin to happen. You will shine with charisma and if you believe on any level that the law of attraction contains some truth, then you will be using it to the highest level.

Remember, there is so much in our lives that we could do. We are not all stuck with a level of achievement and fulfilment that is sub-standard, there are no “special” people with all the secrets. YOU have all the resources you need, it’s just that you haven’t recognised all of them just yet. You first need to cultivate a burning desire to get what it is you are passionate about and then condition yourself to have absolute, concrete belief, certainty and faith that you will find a way no matter what.

Now just a quick word on the “Born to Win” seminar. This event will cover some of the topics covered in this newsletter and a complete plan and set of tools to apply it to your life, no matter who you are or what you do.

The event will run for 2 and half hours and will be an exciting evening. You will experience complete interaction, hypnosis, displays of human potential and much more, you have to be there to really know the value.

We also have a new partner for the event, George Hynec of MA Training. George is an expert and a qualified professional on the area of health, fitness and physical vitality. He is a remarkably innovative person with an outlook on health that you may not have considered before. Contact me and I will put you in contact with George to answer any further questions in this area.

Visit my site for more details on the event, just click on the Born to Win seminar banner on any page and it will take you to a page that explains the seminar in more detail. You can also contact me for further information too.

Give the world something NEW, give the world something YOU!!!


Chris Lyons.

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