Due to some recent controversy with a group of mentalists, the issue "Jedi Mind Tricks" will not be published. This is due to some upcoming public and televised events that may be spoiled as a result.

What I have to propose today is a challenge. The challenge is a test of will, courage, discipline and physical capacity.

What I am proposing is an 8 week challenge where participants follow a programme I will be sending out and then report on their results.

The challenge is physical and mental and involves a progression of workouts, drills and skill acquisition. What I am asking right now is for you to register your interest in taking part. We will be publishing a progress report on each participant on the site.

Got a goal such as weight loss? How about a certain athletic pursuit? Maybe you want to complete an extreme challenge such as climbing Mount Cook. Or maybe you have simply decided that now is the time to develop yourself on every level, mentally and emotionally.

The challenge will involve concepts developed by Samurais, Spartans, athletes as well as the sciences developed by myself throughout my many years in the exercise physiology and behavioural psychology fields. It will require discipline and the driving desire to follow through.

Drop us an email to register your interest.

You can contact us at 0412 602 746 (mobile) or (02)9885 0657 (business) or just drop us an email using the link provided at the end of this email.

To your health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Lyons.

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