Self-Mastery Cognitive Profile Questionnaire

Before being able to change anything in your life and excel in any area, you need to know exactly where you are starting from, where you want to go and what is standing in your way and preventing you from getting there.

This may sound obvious but most programmes of personal development, peak performance etc, only briefly touch on this and really only scratch the surface.

So many people, myself included, have attended programmes that promise to teach you the tools of success, wealth, abundance, great relationships and total freedom, without actually truly determining what’s under the surface and why you haven’t already got what you want in certain areas.

After these programmes or reading books on the subject, most people do have a change of life, but there is still always something missing, a certain obstacle that you can’t for the life of you define and therefore can’t eliminate it.

I’m a huge fan of programmes conducted by people such as Anthony Robbins and Christopher Howard, two such people have created the foundation for which I based my initial work in this field, but there was always something that still held me back after attending their programmes.

That’s where the Self-Mastery Cognitive Profile Questionnaire comes in.

As a subscriber, you will literally be the first to see this in-depth questionnaire that will reveal your thinking strategies, your limiting patterns, where you excel, where you struggle, your internal processing styles, your values, your beliefs and literally everything that goes on in your own head.

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Have you ever wondered why you apply everything that you learn from personal development or success programmes and still seem to struggle in certain areas? Sometimes you just can't quite work out what is holding you back.

This questionnaire is the most detailed personal profile available. I am providing it to you as a preview to what will be offered in some of our up-coming exciting programmes. Self-Mastery is a programme designed to really define who you are and what you can do to truly break through. In this programme you will learn how to completely design your own life based on the way you answered your profile questionnaire. Never before has personal development and human potential training ever been so tailored to the individual. Taking it a step further, we are launching a one on one coaching programme, that follows the same lines as Self-Mastery.

The only other programme that comes close is Tony Robbins' Date With Destiny and Self-Mastery even goes beyond that.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the free Self-Mastery Cognitive Profile Questionnaire, coming Thursday 5th of June 2008.

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To your health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Lyons.
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