It's been over a week since our last issue and we have been busy little bees since then. In this issue we will discuss life as a dynamic, varying experience where things can come up and change rather than a static, passive experience where everything can be planned up-front.

Before we move on I would like to provide a quick update on our upcoming "Born to Win" seminar. This event is on October 16th 2007 and will be conducted at the Dunmore Lang college in North Ryde.

The seminar will certainly be a night to remember. The main topic being covered is the power of goal setting. We will demonstrate how opportunities exist all around us for creating everything we want from our lives, it's only a matter of conditioning yourself to actually notice them and know what to do with them.

The evening will be an action filled experience with exciting entertainment and the use of illusion, magic and hypnosis to illustrate the amazing human potential. The event is being run in partnership with Fitnessecity, Sydney's premium personal fitness training service.

Keep an eye on the Endless Human Potential website for upcoming details of this exciting event.

Now so many people try and plan for everything in life and leave themselves closed to new options and clarity of thought. There are a lot of people out there that believe if they plan things extensively then they can remain in control of life's events.

It is smart to plan and organise and assess possible obstacles to the desired outcome, but could too much planning result in failure? Ok, so maybe you're one of those people who like to plan everything down to the finest detail but still find that some things just don't go your way.

One major reason for devastating failure is that in this day and age we plan too much. We get so set on our goal that we lose sight of things that may happen that we may not have thought of. The truth is that life is dynamic, it's not static.

Take Bruce Lee for example, ok so he may not be everyone's ideal example but he was the one who first prompted this concept in my mind.

Bruce Lee's way of martial arts is designed so that you are not confined to classical styles. The reason for this is that a fight, like life, is a moving, dynamic experience where anything can happen at any time.

If you enter a fight with a planned outcome in mind then you're in for a rude shock, the same is true for life. Although we do need to plan for things that may happen, we need to condition ourselves to think and act on the spot. We need to be active beings that can change direction in a heartbeat if needs be.

This all may sound very simple but think about it for a moment. How many things have you done in your life that didn't go to plan and when it failed you were absolutely devastated?

You planned everything, you anticipated obstacles, you layed out every scenario you could think of and it all went pear shaped. This can occur for many reasons but the most likely reason is that something happened that you didn't count on.

When that thing happened, it floored you, it left you with no more options because you only had a certain number of options available and none of those were going to work in this situation.

This is where you need to gain the skills to be a dynamic person. You need to plan but you also need to be prepared that something you never thought would happen might happen.

As people we need to be on the ready all the time. It's not just to anticipate set backs either, it also applies to noticing opportunity. If we have one goal in mind and we are switched off to other possibilities then we may miss some of our most powerful resources.

All this sounds simple as I said but take the time to think about it for a while. Next time you set a goal (I am assuming you set goals), consider the myriad things that may come up in the mean time. Don't be overwhelmed and try to "think" your way through every possible situation, this will drive you mad.

Be a dynamic, problem solving, alchemist. Turn lead into gold.

For any questions or comments at all, don't hesitate to contact us and we will happily get back to you.

Till next time, LIVE WITH PASSION!!!

Chris Lyons.

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