So what is meditation and how will it benefit the average, modern day person? It is difficult to define with a simple dictionary definition.

There are so many methods, so many traditions and now with the popularity of certain practices, the media and many large companies and marketers have jumped on the bandwagon and complicated a once very simple process just to make a quick buck.

My name is Chris Lyons, I run a personal development/peak performance company that deals in running seminars, workshops, one on one coaching and bootcamps on the area of human potential. I am also an exercise physiologist with a history in personal fitness training.

I have been engaged in meditation on and off for many years now. It started with my years of experience in martial arts training. I witnessed some pretty amazing things that people were capable of due to their control of the mind, body and surrounding environment.

Many of these people seemed to also have everything they wanted from their lives, I wanted in on the action. I began exploring all of the different methods and got swept up in the hype by all these so called experts.

I engaged in traditional meditation from China, Japan, Thailand, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Africans etc. I also tried approaching it from a scientific point of view and received advice from psychologists and other people of science.

The hype almost made meditation not even worth it. The point of meditation is to relax the mind and body, rid yourself of overwhelming, mental noise and become totally concious of your own sense of self and your life. Meditation is a way of clearing your mind of wandering thoughts and becoming focussed on one thing while observing other emotions and thoughts without judgement.

Meditation has the potential to be a key component in gaining control of our own emotions, health and achievements. So why was I, like many others, becoming increasingly anxious about the whole process? It's because, by engaging in all the different methods, I was actually taking myself further away from the goal that meditation was supposed to achieve.

There were too many so called "experts", too much information and not enough results and truth. There are many people that buy into the philosophy that enlightenment will result from years of disciplined practice.

Isn't that what is wrong with modern day society? There is always a craving for some far away future event or final goal, we never stop to enjoy the process.

In this day and age we are too busy focussed on getting the golden outcome that we don't notice what we are already getting. So called enlightenment is not something to strive for for over many years, it's something we can have right now, you just have to decide block out all the mental noise.

Always do things for a reason, not because someone said that it is "the way" or because someone said you need this or that product or CD or teacher etc.

This has been my approach to meditation and to life in general for some time now. You need not think of meditation as a way of achieving enlightenment or something that is mystical.

It should become a daily pleasure to do and something designed to work for YOU. This is why you need to do it your own way, make it a part of your identity, not some ancient practice. Do it sitting, standing, lying down, on a recliner, a floating pool device or in any position you please.

Do it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 3 hours, whatever you choose. The point is that meditation is simply a way of clearing the mind of all the clutter and overwhelming information and stimulation. It's a way to get back to a quiet frame of mind and focus on your life.

If you meditate often, it will soon become part of your life, it will be something you do daily because it will serve as a major positive function in your achievements and everyday activities.

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Till next time, LIVE WITH PASSION!!!

Chris Lyons.

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