Give your all, now that's an obvious piece of advice. But you would be surprised how much your standards can drop if your passion dissipates. You may believe you have given your all but what if there was a higher standard that you were capable of?

Again, the advice to "give your all" may sound obvious and it is. It's also thrown around and drilled into us by our parents and our peers. But there is one problem, it seems to lose all meaning over time.

I mean seriously, we know that we need to give our all but why don't we do it? It could be for any of 1000 reasons but overall it's a loss of passion and not living in a peak state.

Do you remember when you were a kid? You jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn, you were delighted that the new day had arrived. You would get excited about what new experiences await you. You had passion for living and you always put every fibre of your being into your games and activites.

What happened? You were always reminded to give your all, at least most people were. What happened was responsibility and loss of your own essence.

You went all through school being told what to do only to get a job doing what you were told to do and obeying society's so-called "way". Essentialy you lost your passion and your standards for living life dropped dramatically.

To give your all now has a different meaning doesn't it? What does it mean to you? What does it truly mean to give your all? It's different for everyone, it all depends on the people you associate with and the things in your life that influence you.

So what is my advice? What message am I trying to convey here?

Set a new standard, a code of conduct if you will. Hold yourself to the highest standard you could possibly expect from yourself, not what others expect from you. If you only do what's expected of you then you will only push yourself so hard.

Passionately apply yourself to every moment in every area of your life. Give your all in your career, give your all in your relationships, in your exercise, to your kids, literally everything you do, even when you don't feel like it.

If you apply as much passion to everything you do as you possibly can, I can make an absolute guarantee that your life will never be the same again.

There is one small caveat (warning) though...

Don't charge in blindly, ensure you balance your passion with intelligence. If you are passionate in your relationship, make sure you don't forget to give the other person their space, if you are passionate in your career, you absolutely must not make rash decisions that could wreak havoc. This applies to everything in your life.

So maybe we could sum this up as "give your all with intelligence and integrity". Don't do anything half-assed, it's either full-assed or no-assed (I saw that statement on the Steve Pavlina website and thought it summed up this issue quite well).

And one more thing...

When you give your all to anything and you fail, what do you do? Don't break down and call yourself a failure. You simply need to change your approach and learn from what didn't work and use what did and give your all again. If that doesn't work, then change your approach again until you find what does work.

This issue hopefull gives you a bit more insight into what the Born To Win seminar is all about. You will experience a high level of energy and passion, not just for a ra ra session, but to put you in a peak state to give your all. I hope to see you there.

To your success and fulfilment,

Chris Lyons.

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