As I mentioned in the last issue, we will be covering communication in some depth. Hypnotic inductions and hypnosis altogether is a subject with quite a bit of stigma attached and a lot of healthy and not so healthy skepticism.

Before we go any further I need to say this, ALL COMMUNICATION IS HYPNOSIS. What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever said something to someone with a certain intention and then had them interpret it in entirely the wrong way?

The answer is most likely a resounding yes. So what happened? When you communicate with someone you do so with more than just words, this is why text messages, instant messaging and email often get people into trouble, because it's up to how it is received and not so much what was written.

When you engage in any form of communication there are certain messages you are sending to the receiver that are unconscious in nature. This means that your words say one thing but your body may say something different. This is the part that is picked up unconsciously by the receiver. It also applies to the way you structure your language.

It may sound great that in essence, we are all hypnotists. However, there is one problem, most often you don't realise what unconscious messages you are portraying and therefore the hypnotic part of the communication produces an undesirable result.

In this issue I would like to give you a simple hypnotic induction technique that works rapidly. This can be used in communication with just about anyone. The technique I am about to discuss was first developed by Milton Erickson.

Erickson was considered one of the best hypnotists of his time. The reason for this is that he didn't tell people to sit down and watch a swinging pendulum. Erickson would simply hypnotise the subject through unconscious patterns of communication.

One of the techniques and the one I am about to tell you about is a confusion technique. People would come to see Erickson and he would extend his hand to offer a handshake and as the person would shake his hand, Erickson would do something peculiar to interrupt the pattern and cause the person to become rather confused.

Let me clarify; whenever you perform a pattern in one motion such as a handshake, brushing your teeth, tying your shoelace etc, you have no reference for a beginning, middle and end. If a pattern such as this is interrupted mid-way it causes a slight confusion at which point you can through in some imbedded commands depending on your purpose for the induction.

So here we go, the handshake induction, the Richard Bandler version...

1. Begin normal handshake.

2. Subject offers hand but you pull away slightly and use your left hand to lightly grasp their right wrist. Move it towards their face.

3. Quickly say, "That's right...just look at that hand, as you watch that hand move towards you (move it slightly towards subject's face while pointing at it with other hand) you notice the changing focus of your eyes and as you do, notice the tendency for your eyes to close (at the same time drop your pointed hand down and away from focus so their eyes are encouraged to follow)."

4. "As you notice that hand is getting closer and closer to your face. That's right closer and closer until you just allow it to happen. All the way down...that's right all the way down while that hand remains totally fixed right there...right there totally fixed right there...held on that wire.

Another variation could be...

If you are speaking with someone you have a lot of rapport with you can go in for a handshake and just before contact lightly grasp their right hand with your left. Look at their hand to encourage them to do the same. As you're doing this say "it may seem a little uncomfortable to shake hands like this", then go in for a hug instead.

There are so many other ways to induce someone into a light trance and many ways to do so very naturally but it takes a lot of practice.

Once you have a light trance you can go on by deepening it with other unconscious communication to achieve whatever outcome you set out to get.

Stick around next time as we will talk about some very simple yet powerful communication tips.

To your health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Lyons.
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