This is rather long. You might need to come back to it or save it to your computer if you don't have time to read it in one go. Read it you should though, there is a certain message that I hope people will apply for themselves.

The Personal Evolution philosophy is many things but it is an intangible concept, an experience, a frame of mind. I don’t mean to sound too abstract or esoteric here, but what we do is more than just the surface level development that is promoted with just about everything in the modern world. What we do penetrates deeper, it is about developing the character and will along with the physical capacity to accomplish more and be more effective and efficient throughout your day to day life.

The Personal Evolution philosophy is not something that can entirely be explained and understood by reading it from a page. Words can only explain something to a certain degree. We are more concerned with the experience, the practical skills that really need to be learned, developed and applied first-hand through effort, sacrifice, pressure and pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Development of Self Through Pushing Beyond Physical Limitations

Personal Evolution is first and foremost focussed on health, fitness and physical vitality. This is not in the usual sense though, not what you would find at your local fitness centre. Go to a gym or trainer and you will see they promote fitness for reasons such as cosmetic ones like weight loss or muscle gain or for purely physical health reasons. Our philosophy encompasses these things but we also believe in something that is developed through effort and discomfort. There is a certain something that people develop through pushing their physical and emotional threshold, something beyond mere physical fitness.

We take our approach to a whole other dimension. Look at the physical attributes of a high alpine mountain climber. There is no doubt they need a high level of physical conditioning. But why do they do it? Surely it’s more than just a purely physical test? It is highly unlikely that someone would put their life at risk for a test of fitness.

When there is so much pressure and so little margin for error, a person is forced to grow and expand beyond what they could ever have done if they hadn’t had such experiences. Quite often people spend time exercising for a single, shallow reason such as weight loss, or maybe their reason is purely for health. In both situations it is just physical. Engage someone emotionally and push their boundaries mentally and you have a whole new level of development, one that sticks around.

If something like an extreme physical challenge or simply intense exercise is something you haven’t the will to push through, maybe there are other areas in your life that you are holding back. Most of us today in a world of comfort and convenience hold back and create a pattern of falling short or giving up. Simply put, most of the time you are likely to be short-changing yourself.

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Think about that for a minute.

The Personal Evolution Philosophy transcends simply physical health and fitness. Through challenge, failure and eventually triumph you can be prepared for anything in life. Our approach to physical conditioning is a vehicle for growth in so many other aspects than just physical fitness. If you can push your body out of its comfort zone than you are likely to build a stronger emotional threshold for everything else.

By pushing beyond the normal comfortable physical boundaries that you are used to, it creates an environment in which you either give up and tap out or adapt beyond the challenge.

By engaging in the type of training we use and challenge yourself to overcome it, you get more than a simple increase in fitness. What you will experience is also mental, emotional and sometimes even spiritual. There is something about engaging your entire physiology and emotion in something outside of your comfort zone that creates shifts on every level, more than anything else can provide.

If you have ever been an athlete or trained physically for something that is so demanding you feel as though you can’t keep going, then you know the type of mental, emotional and physical engagement that I am referring to.

When you are pushed physically to a level well beyond your comfort zone, it is emotions and your brain that scream at you to stop. It’s never the body, your mind has an in-built safety mechanism that is over-sensitive. The real growth occurs when you override the burning urge to give in. this is when you discover who you really are and what you are made of.

Why do you think the military uses such methods as they do? It’s because the development of the soldiers is not just physical.

Why Such Importance is Placed on Physical Performance and Health

When it’s all said and done, you cannot really achieve anything great in your life if you don’t have the physical capacity to carry out the actions necessary to get the job done. All the intellect, great ideas or education in the world mean nothing if they are not physically put to action. So that said, it is easy to understand why being functionally fit and healthy should be of top priority.

A jockey is only as good as his horse. You are only as good as your body and your physical condition will allow.

Functioning in the Real World

The Personal Evolution philosophy encompasses all that is functional and efficient. Every exercise, workout, movement pattern and mental acuity technique we provide is designed to replicate natural efficiency.

Think of a large cat like a lion. They don’t have classrooms or the intellect of humans but they move efficiently for their body, they have the built-in instincts that develop over time and from then on they are able to perform functionally in their own environment.

Most information and practical training provides great tools and strategies in theory. Then you get back in the real world though, where there is not the luxury of time, lots of mistakes or a facilitator to help you to do it comfortably. In the real world there is stress, pressure, a small margin for error, there’s lots at stake and unlimited variables.

In modern times we spend most of our time learning and applying things in fake situations. It is rare these days to find yourself in a situation where you have to think quick or require the ability to push well beyond your comfort zone.

The Personal Evolution philosophy is aimed at function in the real world. What’s the point of dedicating time to exercise if it doesn’t prepare you for anything outside of the gym? In real life there is pressure. You need to think fast and have the ability to apply skills without the luxury of time or comfort.

I believe that if you are to perform at your peak in real-life, dynamic circumstances then you need to be conditioned to physically and emotionally cope. The only way to be effectively prepared is if you have experienced something of a similar intensity, both emotionally and physically.

People come to Personal Evolution for many reasons. Some are athletes needing something that pushes them beyond the physical and emotional threshold that their regular training does. We have fire fighters who need to think clearly and rationally whilst under extreme physical demand. There are individuals just like you that simply want to see what they’re made of, to step outside of their comfortable world for a while and condition themselves in a way that they cannot get anywhere else.

Whatever your situation, fitness level, goals or history, we always deliver an experience that you cannot have in any other way in the normal work-a-day modern world. This is why some people go sky diving on weekends, to have a physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Sometimes this is not feasible though.

The Real Measure of a Person

The real measure of a person is not what he or she does when the going is easy and they are succeeding. What really determines a person’s character and true potential is what they do under pressure and to overcome adversity, panic, exhaustion and failure. Put people under intense physical and psychological pressure and they will all be levelled down to equal, free from ego.

A real challenge is when someone does something where there is no possible way to cheat, embellish, exaggerate or falsify. This is the essence of the Personal Evolution philosophy, true, honest development of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

In real life there is danger, stress, things at stake, there is intensity in many circumstances. When these things occur you can reach emotional threshold if you are not prepared. Anything that requires skill is lost when there is stress or pressure involved. Anything and everything that could happen in real life should be prepared for on the fundamental physical and emotional level.

Prepare effectively for emotional and physical intensity, well beyond your comfort zone and you will have the primal traits/attributes needed for success, fulfilment and abundance in all areas of life. That’s the Personal Evolution philosophy.

To your health, wealth and happiness,

Chris Lyons.

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