Physical mastery is an area of life that many people tend to neglect. It is seen as a vane area of focus for gym-junkies and fitness fanatics or those who like to look good on the beach. Most people will spend time and money getting their car fixed and serviced so they have adequate transport but neglect their own body.

This to me seems insane. I mean a car gets you from A to B but you can survive if it does not run 100% perfect. However, if your body is not tuned up enough, you will experience pain, fatigue and a general lack of performance in all areas of your life. There is no escaping your own body, it is with you from birth to death.

So for me, I believe the number one focus in your life should be physical health, vitality and physical capability. Master this area of your life and you will have the strength and energy to accomplish anything else.

The following are some points for physical mastery that you can immediately incorporate into your life.

1. KNOW YOUR BODY: Everyone should have a base-level understanding of the human body. I’m not saying you should have a Phd in Zoology or advanced exercise anatomy, what I am suggesting is that you at least know the basic role of each body system and major organ and how to keep each one functioning optimally.

Stop right now and point to your pancreas. Where did you point? If you pointed at your kneecap then you probably should get a little more educated.

2. CONTROL YOUR APPETITE: Most of us eat for the enjoyment and taste of food. Do you really need that upsize on your Big Mac meal? unlikely. See, the problem is that eating for many people is not for nourishment. That’s the way our society has been conditioned. The purpose of eating is to nourish your body, so limit calories, get the required recommendations for micro and macro-nutrients and only eat until you are just satisfied then stop.

3. BECOME SENSITIVE TO BODILY FUNCTIONS: What I mean by sensitive is that you should learn to control and get to know your own bodily functions. Pay attention to breathing. Is it high in the chest and laboured? If so then breathe deeply and more rhythmically. Pay attention to your heart rate, you might find after a while that you can control it to a certain extent in stressful situations. Pain is more within your control than you may realise also.

Spend some quiet time focussing on and attempting to control and regulate bodily functions.

4. CONTROL EMOTIONS: Emotions are more physical in nature than most people think. Emotions are a combination of a mental and physiological response in the body that is conditioned to react a certain way to certain situations. Pay attention to your positive and negative emotions and see what happens when you respond differently in a physical sense.

5. EXERCISE THOROUGHLY: Many athletes may appear to have physical mastery but they only have mastery over a particular physical characteristic or ability. A marathon runner might seem super fit and healthy but that’s only in one aspect, they are lacking in other areas.

So by exercising thoroughly I mean training a range of energy systems, all movement patterns, various physical abilities etc.

Those are just a few easy steps to physical mastery. Of course, there is much more you can do but this is a basic overview of what you can do straight away. It may sound a little esoteric to some and maybe you’re not an “exercise person” but physical mastery will allow you the personal freedom and resources to achieve a lot more and enjoy the process. There is not a single gift more valuable you can give yourself than mastering your own body.


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