I will keep this issue brief in the spirit of the topic we will be covering today.

Precision Learning is a tool used by Personal Evolution to rapidly learn any skill you can possibly imagine. The purpose of this issue is to give you a quick snap-shot into what it is and the concepts used to develop Precision Learning.

So how does learning occur?...

Learning occurs through the mapping and repetition of neurological pathways throughout your body. If you practice to do something enough times, and adjust as you go, you will learn how to master that skill. It is that simple, however the more complex it is the longer it will take.

A child learns through trying to do the whole skill at once rather than in bits and pieces. Children tend to pick things up faster than adults. This is because we have been conditioned to learn things in segmented ways and then trying to assemble the whole thing at the end.

You see, your conscious awareness can only process between 5 to 9 chunks of information in any one moment. This means that you can only do so much at once. But if those chunks of information can be made larger and larger, the brain can keep processing this increase in information as easily and naturally as the information it was processing before.

Take driving for example. When you learn to drive you generally have to pay attention to every little detail and still can't seem to get it 100% right. Eventually instead of being a bunch of diferent chunks to process, driving becomes its own whole chunk of information and driving becomes one skill as opposed to a collection of skills. This is the final stage of learning, unconscious competence, when you no longer have to consciously think about each step.

But what about complex skills you wish to acquire? They can seem impossible because of all the aspects of the skill that need to be learned. But what if you simply learned the skill as one chunk and downloaded the whole thing into your neural pathways?

This is what Precision Learning is all about. It is a process of learning skills rapidly and installing them in your unconscious for access any time.

First you need to create an expanded awareness so that your brain can process more information at once. Next you need to apply the skill as a whole and make corrections along the way.

Of course, this is just a simplification of Precision Learning but it is a basic concept that is radically effective. We have based the tools on NLP modelling and other neurological patterning and programming technologies.

Precision Learning is an aspect of our 8 week programme and is used to a large extent in our one on one personal training. Every week clients are given a mission to rapidly learn a skill of their choice using the Precision Learning material.

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Chris Lyons.

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