Richard Branson: Think outside the mould.

I’m sure you have heard of Richard Branson, he’s the quirky founder of the Virgin group of companies. Many of you may not know his story and how he became successful. He didn’t follow the rules and he certainly didn’t go by the book, well not any book I have heard of anyway.

The point of this issue is to demonstrate that you do not have to follow all the rules in order to be successful. There are experts out there that outline exact plans, but your circumstances are different and they often don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

There are experts for everything and in my experience, experts and mentors can be your most valuable asset, but at the end of the day, they are there to provide guidelines and tools, as opposed to concrete rules (wow, that rhymes).

As I have mentioned before, life is dynamic, not static and things can change rapidly. If you are to follow exact rules, you are sure to get stuck. I don’t want you to take what I say as gospel either; I’m here to provide tools based on my own experience, successes and failures alike.

Now back to Richard Branson….

Richard Branson is a liberal minded man, his success began in school when he discovered he was dyslexic and had trouble learning academically. He was regularly beat by his teachers because this disorder was not recognised when he was young.

By 15 he started devoting his time to a school magazine that he and a friend created. It was a magazine designed to give students more say. The magazine was called student and it often contained semi right-winged views. The magazine struggled for some time as they were trying to get it published publicly and gain advertising business.

Over time, student gathered more momentum and Richard Branson along with a bunch of other teenagers lived in a basement then a house while working on the magazine. They smoked pot, listened to all the latest music and advocated free love.

After a few other business ideas and struggling financially he started a mail order record business through the magazine. They nearly fell apart due to a postal worker strike so they decided to open a shop.

Branson saw a need, he was sick of high priced records and boring stores, that seemed to be very un-musical and disinterested. He wanted record stores to be a comfortable and exciting place where people can come and hang out and talk about their favourite bands. This was the birth of Virgin.

After some success, he saw another need. Recording studios were very strict, business-like places, get em in get em out sort of thing. He believed that it would be better for the artists to have a studio in the country where they could stay a week and record whenever inspiration hit.

He bought a country house (with much financial struggle) and set up the ideal studio. This was the birth of Virgin records.

We all know where the Richard Branson success story has led.

The point is that he was arrested and criticised and failed many times. He saw business more as a creative endeavour as opposed to a money making one. He brought his projects to life with his own individuality, not by following textbooks.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Success is nothing if it’s not success on your own terms. If you follow all the “should do’s” and rules you may find that success, when it comes, is not all it’s cracked up to be.

What is success to you? What is the ideal way to live YOUR life? It’s most certainly not to conform to rigid rules, true fulfilment can only happen when you bring everything in your world to life with a piece of YOU. Your own individuality is the only permanent thing you have and it’s the only thing that cannot be taken away.

Richard Branson has proven that you can succeed beyond measure by thinking outside of conformity, why not try it yourself? What do you have to offer the world that’s unique to anyone else?

This is one of the core principles of the Born To Win seminar. You will discover how to apply your own unique self to everything you do. This gives you enormous power to create and live passionately, succeed on your own terms, otherwise your success may mean nothing.

I have a slogan that sums up individuality and personal identity:

“Give the world something NEW, give the world something YOU”.

To your success and fulfilment,

Chris Lyons.

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