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November 08, 2014

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What is the everyday athlete? Over the past few decades fitness has taken quite a few turns. Many large gym corporations, gadgets and programs have butchered fitness into an unrecognisable and confusing concept. To do cardio or not to do cardio? Strength train or don’t strength train? We have gyms that look like the production line of an automotive company, with machines spread across the floor as far as you can see.

The truth is, fitness should not be this complicated. I’m willing to bet that anyone reading this has a few misconceptions of their own through being brainwashed by the fitness industry. You may have given up dozens of times because it’s all too complicated. But it’s really not. Fitness is a natural state of human function. Fitness is simply your ability to function physically. It’s a sliding scale from couch potato to elite athlete, with many stops in between.

Now back to the original question, what is the everyday athlete? The everyday athlete is what modern fitness needs to get back to. Think back to a time when humans were primitive. We hunted for food, we built our own shelter. There were no supermarkets or takeaway stores. Humans were athletes by default. They didn’t play sports because life was sport.

This concept is true today for wild animals. Have you ever heard of an unfit lion? Neither have I. The lion can sprint, drag down large prey and carry that prey to a suitable location for eating. Along the way he/she has to contend with the likes of hyenas, often having to fight for a meal they have already expended energy in stalking, catching, killing and transporting it. That is a lot of effort just to get a meal. The lion doesn’t get to give up on the hunt and just go grab a burger from McDonalds. There are no other options.

The modern human has become soft and inactive. This applies as much to the couch potato as it does to the person that heads to the gym after work, changes into some nice clean gymwear and does a cruisy, social workout on some of the machines in the gym, in the comfort of an air conditioned facility. We have taken a primal activity and made it too civilized and too comfortable. Enter the likes of CrossFit. Crossfit has changed the way people look at fitness. It has taken the average person, the non-athlete and given them a program that is athletic in nature. It has essentially turned the average person into an athlete.

SIDEBAR: This is NOT a CrossFit article. CrossFit is used here as an example of real athletic movements and how it has impacted the fitness industry. This article is a guide to creating athletic ability, whether you do CrossFit or not.

CrossFit has made a big impact on the fitness industry, no doubt. It has taken people out of step classes and out of jogging and has made them take up Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics etc. Real movements that produce real components of human performance. It’s time we capitalise on this and start truly turning the everyday person into an athlete. Click here to read the rest of the article and see the full guide to developing your athletic ability. Or copy the following url into your browser Click here to send us an email.

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