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January 26, 2015

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Lion vs Rhino, which one are you? I often make comparisons between humans and animals as it pertains to physical performance. Have you ever seen a house cat move? They have great mobility, they can sprint with ease, climb trees etc. A horse can run powerfully at a full sprint for several minutes at a time. We can learn a lot from animals, particularly wild animals. The lion is in top shape because it needs to hunt, fight, climb, swim etc.

I strongly believe that humans should compare their own abilities to those of animals. Each animal has a specific physical quality that is athletic in nature and impressive to see. But what qualities should you aim to match? It all depends on the goal of course, but without a doubt the most athletic land animals are cats, especially large cats such as lions.

Picture the rhino. Some people train in a way that provides them the qualities of a rhino. They lift heavy and gain mass. They are without a doubt super strong. At the same time mobility is often poor, along with speed, agility etc.

Now imagine the lion. The lion is incredibly strong. It can carry its own body weight in meat up a tree. The lion can sprint without a warm up, it can jump, dodge, lift and climb. The lion possesses amazing strength and power without sacrificing mobility and other components of movement. The lion is large and muscular, but it is significantly smaller than a large percentage of its prey.

Do you want to be huge, strong and slow and lacking mobility? Or would you prefer to be lean, muscular, incredibly strong and possess great all-round athleticism? Then you need to train like a lion, not like a rhino.

Placing all emphasis on heavy lifts and gaining mass will turn you into a rhino. But training for great strength, speed, power, agility and mobility while maintaining a lean body will turn you into a lion. You will be strong, but you will also be able to move with fluid grace and physical power.

So how can you become a lion? Lets look at the lion's movement patterns on a typical day. The lion can sprint without warning for up to and even over a whole minute. It catches the prey and uses superior strength to pull it down. It then has to transport the meat to a suitable location for consumption. Everything a lion does is short bursts of maximum speed, strength and power.

Construct your training to include the following:

1. Strength training in multiple planes of movement. Favouring compound movements. Moderate volume, heavy lifts.

2. Explosive power training such as Olympic lifts and plyometrics.

3. Sprinting, which includes agility drills, short sprints, long sprints up to 60 seconds or sprint intervals of other activities such as swim sprints, obstacle course sprint, bear crawl etc.

4. Balance and mobility. This includes active mobility drills as well as flexibility and stability training.

Apply these four components to your training and you will possess qualities more like a lion than a rhino.

Unleashed Training has created the EVOLVE sprint training program. What we do is designed very much in line with what I have just described above. The primary goal of EVOLVE is to develop greater sprinting speed. You will also learn to move more efficiently during any activity. Essentially you will develop the ability to move more like a cat.

The EVOLVE program is operated in two ways:

1. Face to face coaching in Merrylands, Parramatta and Sydney CBD, either one on one or in a squad/group environment.

2. Customized online sprint training programs. Face to face sprint coaching in Sydney - click here. Customized onlione sprint training programs - click here. Keep an eye on your inbox for more content coming your way in the very near future. I have some exciting tips, tutorials and guidelines to share with you.

Unleash your physical potential,

Chris Lyons Click here to send us an email.

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