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October 29, 2014

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When you think about fitness there are not many things fitter, stronger and more powerful than wild animals. At the peak of that we can refine that to predatory animals. Take a look at an adult lion. Out of necessity they are in peak form. A lion has to sprint and take down animals that outweigh them by 25%. Then they have to restrain that animal and kill it. If it doesn't catch it and kill it the lion goes hungry. Look at a lion hunting video, look at its eyes. It's focused, determined and intense. The lion is muscular and maintains peak physical condition all year round.

Now compare that to humans. We have everything handed to us. Our food, especially animal products, are slaughtered in mass numbers. Much of the food we eat is manufactured in a factory. So not only do we have food that is terrible for our health, we barely have to work for it. We can walk into a supermarket and buy chips, lollies, manufactured meat products etc. If you have some money you pay for the food, put it in the car, drive home and eat it in the comfort of a climate controlled home. Is it any wonder that half the world is obese and weak? Humans are embarrassingly weak animals when it comes to physical ability. We have the brains, but it's to the detriment of physical performance.

So what is the point of this post? I want to illustrate the point that humans have become lazy. We have placed physical performance at the arse end of our priorities. We have very little physical outlet. I want you to start thinking differently. You will likely never have to hunt for your food, but start thinking like an apex predator. Even humans that keep in shape do so in a tame and controlled environment. We have treadmills and cross trainers. The gym is sure conditioned. We take a primal physical task and make it as comfortable as possible. This is missing the point. From now on when you train do it with a sense of aggression. From now on you are a hungry lion in peak condition. Thats how you need to think. Cats are lithe, stealthy animals. They have the ability to move explosively and with grace and ease in everything they do. Copy these qualities and aim to develop these in yourself. Lift heavy, sprint fast, jump, climb, swim. Get back to primal origins. As a foundation you should have similar physical capabilities to the lion. The lion doesn't jog at a comfortable pace for 30 minutes in pursuit of a zebra. It stalks it, sprints for dear life and uses maximum strength, speed and explosive power to bring it down.

Stay tuned, in the next few days I will be introducing you to a free programme. It's a foundational conditioning programme designed to get you back into primal condition, to get back to being a wild animal. You will learn how to sprint, jump, lift, throw, climb and swim. You will learn to do these things effectively and bring back some raw, wild strength, speed and power. Start moving with the barely contained violence of an angry lion.

Unleash Your Physical Potential,

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