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October 25, 2014

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In this issue we will be looking at strength exercises that are very effective and can be done anywhere, including in front of the TV or at your office desk at work. But before the article I want to introduce you to a few new changes with Unleashed Training.

Most of you know that Unleashed Training works a lot with athletes. We have long been running athletic strength and conditioning programs, both locally in Sydney, and via online/remote coaching. I would like to introduce you to our new EVOLVE program. This is a program focusing on explosive power development in time-efficient workouts conducted in a group environment outdoors. Train like an athlete, look like an athlete. The program is located in Merrylands/Parramatta area in Sydney.

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Secondly, and finally, you now have access to Unleashed Training's sprint coaches worldwide, whether you're in London, Marakech, Guam or anywhere else, you can have a custom designed sprint training program that is specific to your goals. Included in the service is a full fitness assessment, video analysis, detailed training program and continuous acceszs to an experienced sprint coach.

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And now, as promised, here is the article...

It's not hard to incorporate incidental exercise into your day. But it does take conscious effort to remind yourself to do it. We have all heard about incidental exercise in the standard form. Things like taking the stairs and parking a few blocks away from the shops in order to walk further. But thats not your only option. You can do the same thing with strength exercises, and they can be done in front of an office desk or your tv. The following are a few simple recommendations. Note - I personally do these myself. You can do these as many times throughout the day as you like....

Place your hands together in a prayer position. Push your palms together as hard as you can and hold for 5 seconds.

Grab a towel, twist it longways and grab each hand, with hands shoulder width apart. Hold it straight above your head and pull out as hard as you can. Hold for 5 seconds.

Stand on one leg and raise up onto the ball of your foot as high as you can. Try to balance for 20 seconds, repeat on the other side. This is great for ankle stability and calf strength.

Stand on one leg. Raise the other one off the ground by lifting your knee. Now straighten your leg and hold it out in front for 10-20 seconds. Great for increasing glute, hammy and hip flexor strength.

Place your hands on your forehead and push against it. Use the muscles in your neck to push back against your hands. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat for the back of the head and each side.

Finally, a breathing exercise. Hold your breath for as long as you can. Simple but effective for increasing the efficiency of your blood to carry oxygen.

There are many more, but start with these and try it out for a month every day. See what a difference it makes to your fitness and your body shape when combined with your normal training schedule.

Unleash Your Physical Potential,

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