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Train harder, smarter or both?
February 02, 2015

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Training smarter, harder or both? We see on one hand the type of trainer or coach that feels the need to completely destroy their clients with absolutely insane sessions designed to make a person spew. The same goes for athletes themselves. If you aren't hurting then it was an ineffective session, thats the mentality. Often seen in bootcamps and crossfit programs. The opposite extreme is the "functional" trainer that does everything on a bosu or wobble board. Weights are light and everything is done in the 4th dimension using a magical technique designed to provide so many more benefits than old school strength and conditioning principles.

So how should you train? Should you train until you spew? Or take it easy, "feel the movement", and focus on multiple magical planes? A little of both to some extent. Hardcore training to the nth degree of intensity has it's place. It is useful in many instances, for example in developing anaerobic capacity and increasing lactate threshold. Often intensity is a calculated thing and should be consistently maintained through correct progressions. However some sessions should aim to push a person to their limits in order to test capabilities at maximum exertion levels. This should be done semi regularly. On the other hand a level of focus should be directed towards lower intensity training that focuses on joint stability, mobility, active recovery and periods if lower power output. In between is where the bulk of a program should be.

A final word on pushing to extremes - There is a psychological barrier present in all of us. If that barrier is never challenged to the upper limit your natural protective mechanisms take over and you find yourself unable to find the extra drive at the higher levels of output during competition or high stress environments. Face to face sprint coaching in Sydney - click here. Customized onlione sprint training programs - click here. Unleash your physical potential,

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