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Output-Time Ratio
August 21, 2012

Output to Time Ration/Work Capacity and How to Manipulate it.

Work capacity, sounds like an ambiguous buzz word, however it is the real essence of what physical performance is all about. This is why Unleashed Training puts this concept in high regard. Essentially work capacity comes down to the output to time ratio. Another way of putting it is the amount of energy consumed over a given period of time.

Performance and fat loss both depend on this principle for success. Performance is all about putting out the largest amount of work for the time it takes to do it. The human body is limited somewhat in how much energy it can gain access to and burn through in a given period of time to complete an activity. The goal of Unleashed Training and all of the concepts we teach is to essentially refine the ability of your body to access and utilise energy and to do it in the shortest time.

Now I would like to pose a theory to you. Well it’s not a theory as such, it’s just simple science, but here we will use some clearly impossible and ridiculous examples….

If you can utilise a greater amount of energy output over a shorter time then it stands to reason that you would perform the task at hand more effectively. It’s the same as a car. A larger and more powerful engine is capable of burning more fuel at one time, hence the car travels much faster than a smaller one. The same applies to a nuclear weapon. The energy in one of these weapons is harnessed and then used all at the same time. The result is a massive explosion, not a sustained and slow motion release of energy.

So how does this apply to the human body? Lets look at the truly impossible to really illustrate the point. Lets say that it takes 4500 calories to run a marathon. That same level of calories are burned by the elite runner that runs the distance in just over two hours and the weekend warrior that runs the distance over a period of four hours. The elite runner is demonstrating more output per unit of time.

Now the impossible part. Imagine working towards shortening the time it takes to use up those 4500 calories. The body is gradually getting more efficient and better able to perform at a higher level for the time it is working. In theory you could shorten those 4500 calories down into a single jump, which would allow you to literally jump over a tall building. We all know this is not possible, however it demonstrates the point I am making.

The moral of the story is that the training methods, workouts and philosophies taught by Unleashed Training aim to maximise the amount of energy output over the shortest time. The performance implications have been discussed and the potential for greater fat loss is obvious.

I will leave you with three ways to go from here;

1. Try fitting more volume into the same and shorter periods of time. This is done best in multi-exercise circuit type training racing the clock. Aim to do more reps, lift more weight, jump higher, run further etc, all within a given period of time.

2. Contact us to come and train first hand with an Unleashed Training coach in a group environment. Not located in Sydney, Australia? Then we can still help you with a personally designed fitness programme that aims at guiding you through each level of progression required to get more output from minimal time and essentially reach your weight loss, health and performance goals more effectively than any method of conventional, mainstream fitness methodology. Mornings in Parramatta and Sydney Park. Mid-morning and lunch times in Sydney CBD.

3. NAME YOUR PRICE. That’s right, we have just launched a brand new promotion for ONE ON ONE premium personal coaching with an Unleashed Training coach. Set your goal, name the price you will pay to achieve it and we will cater a package to how much you are willing to pay for that goal. No more hourly rates, only pay for achieving the desired objective.


Chris Lyons

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