PLEASE NOTE: We are undergoing a name change. Unleashed Training is now Sprint Ninja. We still offer high quality strength and conditioning along with personal training, with our specialty being sprint training.

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About Sprint Ninja

Sprint Ninja is a fitness and physical performance methodology utilising an effective set of systems and training principles, specialising in sprint performance developed over more than a decade through research, hands-on application and field testing with athletes and regular individuals. The Unleashed Training systems are constantly evolving and improving as more advanced methods become available. The Unleashed Training areas of expertise span the entire range of fitness and sports performance, but specialising in sprint coaching.

Unleashed Training offers a training solution for everyone, regardless if you are on the other side of the world or can’t afford a coach. Unleashed is somewhat open-source, with a range of free resources such as training programs, daily workouts, science-based articles and education materials. Unleashed Training aims to share systems, processes, training programs, daily workouts and training methods.

Sprint Ninja offers the following services:

Sprint Coaching – Unleashed Training specialises in sprint coaching in a one on one and small group environment. Athletes learn the correct mechanics of sprinting technique along with undergoing a thorough sprint training program, involving a progressive, structured system designed to increase sprinting speed, correct sprint technique, power and agility.

Online Sprinting Programs – Regardless of where you are located in the world, Unleashed Training has a solution. Online sprint coaching programs involve a comprehensive fitness assessment along with video analysis of sprint technique. Personalised training programs are provided and athletes have daily access to an experienced sprint coach. Unleashed takes athletes by the hand and guides them, with exact instructions, from where they are now to reaching their own very upper limit of explosive sprinting speed.

Workshops and Courses – Unleashed Training operates a series of training workshops and education courses. The primary subject matter pertains to sprint training, with additional workshops on mobility, injury prevention, strength training and more.

Quality and Perfectionism

The fitness and coaching industry is a huge business in most western countries. It’s actually very easy to become certified as a personal trainer in this modern era. As a result there is a lot to sift through in order to choose the best coach or trainer for the task at hand. There are so many trainers operating with a bare minimum standard of knowledge, no experience and motivated only by how much they earn.

Unleashed Training was created out of perfectionism, quality and attention to detail.

Analysis and Assessment – The standardised fitness assessments we use are very specific to the training objective. The analysis of these assessments in very thorough and involved. Unleashed aims to keep comprehensive training records for all people. The more data the greater number of adjustments and improvements can be made.

Program Design – Programs created by Unleashed Training are not templates. They are not generic in any way. The programs are painstakingly designed around age, fitness level, goals, strength, weaknesses, time available to train, access to equipment and training environment.

Training Methods – Unleashed Training is an evidence-based coaching service. All training systems, principles and methods have been created through evidence, either through scientific research or through hands-on coaching with live athletes. Unleashed Training organises all knowledge and methods into a comprehensive set of systems and processes. Nothing we do is a pot luck guess.

 Unleashed Training conducts programs through careful guidance and continuous correction and adjustment. Unleashed Training coaches are perfectionists and aim to develop the athlete through a constant system of guidance, correcting weaknesses and technique flaws.

The EVOLVE Sprint Training Method

The EVOLVE sprint training method is the flagship program run by Unleashed Training. The EVOLVE training system is structured as follows:

·        Thorough assessment and fitness analysis – This applies whether you train with a coach or you are following the EVOLVE system from home. Records are kept through a series of benchmark assessment of technique, sprint times, agility drill times, lower body explosive power and maximal strength (optional). It is important to keep records of fitness assessments along with training notes in order to gauge current fitness levels and progress over time.

·        Biomechanics/Technique – The EVOLVE training system has been developed through years of research and field testing. As a result we have drawn conclusions as to what constitutes the most effective and efficient sprinting technique. This is developed and corrected progressively week by week.

·        Program design – The EVOLVE method involves flexible design of training programs. Programs are structured taking into account every fine detail such as goals, current injuries, how often to train etc. The program design is progressive in nature, with planned improvements taking place at regular intervals.

·        Training – The training makes the EVOLVE system what it is. Click here for a thorough description of the EVOLVE training system.

·        Coaching – The EVOLVE system is a marriage between evidence-based science, founded through sound research, and the application of the training methods used. The system develops and progresses continuously based on what evidently produces the greatest and fastest results. The EVOLVE sprint training program involves an intensive coaching procedure designed to ensure people are making progress very regularly. This applies to face to face coaching as much as it does to online sprint coaching clients.

The EVOLVE sprint training system explained - click here.

EVOLVE Open Source Training

So you are unable to make it to attend face to face sprint coaching in Sydney. You are unable to take part in our online sprint coaching programs. What then?

Unleashed Training runs the EVOLVE system as a shared approach. Everyone has access to EVOLVE, whether by way of face to face coaching or through the free education materials provided. EVOLVE is free for anyone to follow, through the following pathways:

·        Free training guides.

·        Free daily workouts.

·        Free training programs.

·        Free online Q&A with Unleashed Training founder Chris Lyons. Available through our facebook group, this website and google hangouts.

Free Education Resources

Unleashed Training provides a LOT of free educational content. The following can be found through this website, websites that have featured our work and other avenues of media:

·        Unleashed Training and EVOLVE systems and training methods.

·        Instructional guides.

·        Science-based content pertaining to fitness and sports performance.

·        Analysis and breakdown of research papers.

·        Regular email newsletter straight to your inbox with a large variety of varying types of content.

The Coach Behind Unleashed Training

My name is Chris Lyons and I am your coach. I have worked in the sport and fitness industry as a professional coach since 2002. In that time I have developed a set of tried and tested, effective training systems designed to improve human performance and overall function. The EVOLVE sprinting program was developed through over a decade of training athletes, competing as an athlete and the analysis of peer reviewed, up-to-date research.

Click here for more thorough information on your coach.

Unleashed Training in a Nutshell

Unleashed Training was developed as a comprehensive strength and conditioning resource, with training services, online content and seminars/workshops. The intent was to create a proven, effective and evidence-based set of systems and processes pertaining to fitness and sports performance.

Unleashed Training, along with the various programs we operate, were developed through evidence and practice. Nothing here is guesswork.

Unleashed Training:

·        Sprint coaching, fitness and personal training.

·        Face to face coaching, one on one or in small groups/squads.

·        Online sprint training programs.

·        EVOLVE sprint training method.

·        Sprint training specialists.

·        Applying systems and processes based on science and practice.

·        Open source, anyone can follow the EVOLVE sprinting method through free workouts, programs and educational content.

·        Workshops and seminars.

·        Perfectionism, quality over quantity.

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YOUR COACH – Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons is an experienced strength and conditioning coach, having trained athletes of all ages and levels since 2002. Chris specialises in coaching athletes for speed and power specific to fast-moving sports such as rugby league, rugby union, soccer, Aussie rules football etc. Since 2002 Chris has conducted close to 15,000 hours of training and coaching directly with athletes and members of the general population. From this experience comes Sprint Ninja, based on tried and tested training methods combined with up to date research. Chris continues to challenge himself not only as a coach, but also as an athlete, competing in sprinting events, strongman and Olympic-style weightlifting.

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