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    May 23, 18 06:14 AM

    Sokudo Training offers Sydney sprint coaching services, and strength & conditioning in the Merrylands, Granville, Parramatta and Guildford area....

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  2. Sprint Training

    Apr 30, 18 06:41 AM

    Sprint training is a form of training applicable across a large range of domains for both the individual and the athlete....

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    Apr 25, 18 08:20 AM

    Welcome to the Sokudo Training Challenges section. Here you will find benchmark challenges and fitness tests based on the Sokudo Training methods....

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When we talk about attitude, we are here referring to mind-set, a way of thinking and behaving. It is subjective and relative. What constitutes a good mind-set and a bad one? There is no concrete explanation, no single way of thinking and acting, this is called freedom.

An attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual’s like, dislike or indifference towards something. They are generally positive or negative views about people, places, things etc.

Your approach towards everything is formed throughout your life right from birth. It is not something you are born with and it can be shaped either in your favour or to your detriment.

Attitude is Everything

Developing yourself to your fullest potential is an all-consuming task. The intense training required to build a functional, high performance body simultaneously cultivates a stronger mentality, and vice versa.

At UNLEASHED Training we believe in training as if your life depends on it. Here you will not find mainstream fitness of the same breed you will encounter in gyms and promoted by the average trainer. This is a new breed of fitness, one that develops not only peak physical condition but also mental and emotional strength.

Without the right mind-set you can’t develop yourself adequately to deal with possible challenges. Charge head-on into challenges and even welcome them in pursuit of excellence. It is the all-consuming mind-set of a champion. If you want something bad enough you need to apply enough will and courage toward it’s accomplishment, without excuses or procrastination. Do what it takes, endure the toughest, most gruelling challenge and give everything you’ve got whether you feel like it or not.

Without this strength of mind and will you will remain average. Mediocrity is not a word you will need where you are going. Without strength of will, all the knowledge in the world means nothing. This applies to all fields of endeavour, not just elite fitness.

Elite performance physically and otherwise is not something that can be handed over for a monetary price. The price is something that cannot be paid by opening your wallet. Attitude is something that is developed through effort, adversity, suffering and eventually triumph.

A Solid Mind-Set

All training should be approached as if your life depends on it in that moment. Going through the motions without sufficient emotional leverage will produce mediocre results. Sub-par mental and physical commitment have consequences. Anything less than ALL your effort will not suffice.

A good workout is something that should give you butterflies at the very thought of what lies ahead. This is what develops real character, real conditioning. This applies to everyone from old ladies to elite athletes and fighters, strong and resilient, resistant to fatigue and emotional breakdown, resistant to the common ailments of the general public.

Think, breathe and behave as if everything you do has purpose (because it should). Develop an attitude where “impossible is nothing”, treat every day as if there were a victory lying ahead if only you apply all of yourself.

Every bead of sweat falling from your head, every weight you’ve pumped, every gruelling challenge you have overcome…the history of all of that is in your eyes. This is dedication to the development of excellence. In any situation for the rest of your life you should not have to think, “shit, I should have trained more”, instead you will be standing there feeling like a lion. That is what you MUST cultivate. It is this mind-set that is at the very core of UNLEASHED Training.

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