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Awakening Human Potential

Awakening human potential is something the human race has been obsessed with from almost day one. Unlike any other species humans have a tendency to want to do, be, have and create more. Human beings are always pushing the limits of what is possible. A good example is the Olympic games.

Although awakening human potential is a human desire, it seems that very few people really achieve the kind of success and ability that they are truly capable of. That’s what Unleashed Training is about, helping people access much more of their real human potential.

What Secret Ingredient Goes Into Developing Extraordinary Ability?

Many people ask me what secret ingredient is required to produce extraordinary results and develop abilities far beyond those of the average person. There is a common misconception that some people are just born outstanding. This could not be further from the truth. Everything anyone has ever achieved, all outstanding skill and ability was created, it didn’t just happen.

Awakening human potential is a quest that most people, at some point, will find themselves pursuing. It’s the ones that are consistent in their approach and keep progressively improving in some way that actually realise the greatest portion of their potential in a given area.

There is no magic ingredient, it’s generally a combination of things. That’s our specialty, finding ALL of the secret ingredients.

Extraordinary ability, when it’s studied in-depth, seems to be a combination of the following things…

Skills, traits, attitudes, values, meta-programmes, beliefs, significant emotional events, reference experiences and a few other areas.

It is this “macro view” of a person’s thinking and behaviour that tends to provide insight into a) How much potential a person has in a given area and b) What needs to change in order to reach more of this potential.

Steps to Awaken Human Potential

My approach to awakening human potential is unlike many other methodologies that exist. It seems that many people are searching for a magic solution, a single thing that needs to be done in order to produce outstanding results in a certain area.

What I believe is, as I mentioned above, that ALL the pieces to the puzzle need to be established, not just a single area.

1. Skills: Skills are what allow a person to do something effectively. It is the profile of a person’s skill-set that determines how well they will perform in a given area. By analysing your skills and creating a skills profile you can then decide what needs improvement and what your strengths are so as to leverage them.

2. Traits: Traits are the things that determine who you are as a person. They are commonly referred to as character traits. Certain traits like procrastination are a hindrance to realising your potential, while others like working out consistently are a great asset. Analyse your traits and the traits of outstanding people and make some comparisons. This provides a clearer picture of some of the things you might need to change.

3. Habits: Habits are neurologically linked behaviours that you engage in on a regular basis. It is what you do consistently that determines the kind of potential you are realising. Engaging in the same habits will lead to more of the same results. Determine your good and bad habits so you can get a clear picture of what needs to change.

4. Beliefs: Beliefs are things you are certain about, whether they are true or false. The potential of a person is always controlled by beliefs. Believing something makes it true for you, no matter how outrageous it really is. Analyse the beliefs you hold as true. Some beliefs you will find are a great hindrance to awakening human potential. Those who do extraordinary things are always people who actually believed beforehand that it was possible and that they were indeed capable. Changing a belief can be as simple as challenging it by finding evidence that contradicts the limiting belief.

5. Values: Values are your priorities. Everyone has an unconscious hierarchy of values that determines where they spend most of their time. Someone with a highest value of adventure will behave differently and hence produce different results than someone who values security. Go through and make a top ten list of your values. This will provide insight into what is really important to you. By doing this you can steer your life in the right direction rather than the direction you have been conditioned to believe is the right one.

That’s just a snapshot of the macro view of your thinking and behaviour, but it does provide some idea of the sorts of components that go into awakening human potential. I guarantee that if you spend some time making this analysis you will most certainly be better equipped to realise your potential.


A final word on awakening human potential: Consistency, to me, is the most important ingredient in producing extraordinary results and developing outstanding abilities. People that are consistent almost always get what they want eventually, even if they start in completely the wrong direction. It is those who stop and change their minds over and over that never get anywhere.

Be consistent in your approach and always aim for forward momentum. Never does a person realise their maximum potential by floundering and committing half-arsed to something. Awakening human potential is only an option for those that are willing to do a bit of analysis and make necessary changes. Consistency and persistence always wins.

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