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Born to Win

Discover the Peak Performance Strategies of the World’s Elite

Were you born to win? Or do you believe you are doomed to failure or mediocrity? I mean those people that are the best at what they do surely must have born that way right? Maybe you believe you are just capable of doing what you’re already doing.

Well let me tell you that there is no such thing as people who are just born to win more than anyone else. As a kid I used to believe that the popular kids were born with a higher ability to make friends and were just naturally gifted with their social skills. The same applied to those that were good at sports.

When I was in primary school I was terrible at most things, I was insecure, quiet, skinny and nervous. I moved around a lot and never stayed in the one place to make friends and so everything was foreign to me all the time.

I credit this period of my life to the creativity and imagination I have today. But back then it seemed like there were just certain people born into certain roles in life and there was nothing I could do to change mine. But is there a remote possibility that maybe those other kids had different experiences to use as references? They were good at certain things and I was good at others.

The other kids were exposed to regular sports on the weekends, they practiced and they had their friends that they knew and were comfortable with. These kids were well established and conditioned to the lives they were living. I was conditioned for a different life and skill-set.

Of course, there are people that are naturally gifted in some way but for the most part we are all born equal, we were all born to win in some way. The problem is that we are forced by our peers, society, our parents and everyone else to spend our time on things that are not aligned with our identity. If you’re naturally good with numbers and you enjoy problem solving then that’s what you are naturally suited to excel at, your were born to win in that particular area.

The same goes for someone who is naturally co-ordinated, they are most likely good at sports and that should be encouraged. These people should do what they’re good at.

I have a belief that we are all capable to excel at something in our lives, to be the best at what we do, not just in career or sports either, I’m talking about relationships, communication, physical capabilities, contribution etc. There is no one that is naturally better than anyone else, it’s just that those that seem that way have used their natural strengths to their advantage.

Another thing that should be factored into the equation is your emotional state. Have you ever seen an elite athlete who could be performing at their peak and seems unstoppable and then all of a sudden they start performing poorly? I mean can someone actually lose their outstanding ability that fast? Of course they can’t, they just lose “the zone”.

The same occurs for those in business, relationships and any other aspect of life. These people seemed to be born to win and all of a sudden they suck.

So what is it that makes these people suddenly lose their ability?

They never lost their ability in the first place, they are still as good at what they do as they always were. What happened is they accessed an emotional state that was disempowering for the task at hand, they are no longer in that “zone”. So in order to perform at their peak again, all they really need to do is re-associate to the peak state that they used when they were performing at their best.

The great thing about managing your state is that it can radically shift performance in an instant, it’s not a long term thing, if you understand how it works and what controls it. Another thing is that it’s not just something that applies to peak performers who have lost their edge, the tools for managing your emotional states can be used by anyone to associate to the perfect state for the task at hand.

You may believe you were not born to win but the truth is that if you learn to manage your state, you can instantly start performing at your highest standard in anything, maybe it’s hitting a sales target, maybe it’s launching a successful business or maybe it’s just interacting with your children.

The last thing I want to mention is how certain people seem to get to an elite level in a particular skill, that’s what creates the illusion that they were born to win and you weren’t. Over time they just seem to improve continuously, every time you see them or hear about them they just seem to be doing better at whatever it is they are good at.

They may be conscious of what they are doing or maybe it just happens naturally for them but it is available to everyone. So what it is that makes some people improve on a continuous basis?

The principle is known as Kaizen. Ok so many people may have heard of this Japanese philosophy, which is responsible for much of Japan’s competitive business success. You may want to tell me that the Americans invented it and explain the Deming cycle but the specifics are not important, the Japanese perfected the principle and they put it to use in people’s lives rather than just in business.

Ok, now that we have that cleared up, what is this principle and how do those that appear to be born to win use it to appear that way?

Kaizen can be simplified and translated as ‘continuous improvement’. Simple as that, it is simply a strategy of continually committing to small increments of improvement on a consistent basis.

Think about it this way, if you find one thing you can improve in your relationship every day, even a small and seemingly unnoticeable thing, imagine what your relationship would be like in a month, a year or ten years. The same applies if you do this with anything else, if you find one tiny improvement you could make in your business, soon you will have a revolution. There is simply no going backwards or staying still.

So apply these three strategies and you are sure to perform at your peak in anything you choose. Could you really be born to win? Could we all be born to win? Maybe it’s your choice, maybe you can decide that you were born to win.

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