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Elitism is one of our major guiding principles, but not in the usual understanding and use of the word. The concept of stems from the ferocious curiosity of mankind in seeing how far we can go and how much human potential there really is. Here, we are not speaking of social elitism or superiority. We are talking in terms of purely elite physical and mental ability, not status.

Humans have been pushing boundaries for our entire existence. This is our number one strength and at the same time our number one weakness.

Like most people I have an obsession. For some it’s cars, for others it’s computers or beauty products or whatever. For me it is human potential. However don’t misunderstand, it’s not social status I am referring to, it’s a concept used by us to describe the standards you will live by when you truly know what it is you want and what it will really take. The standards that will make you outstanding.

You see, I believe that human beings are the species on this earth that control it’s future. Earth is in the hands of us as a race. This is why we have a responsibility and a duty to use our power in a way that will benefit not only the future of human beings but also will benefit everything else as a whole throughout the long term.

Unfortunately many humans throughout history have abused their power and innate ability to expand and grow. My goal is to share the experiences and lessons I have learned to drive people towards an elite way of living and a higher standard than those that have come before.

What is it all about?

What is it I am talking about here? What is so different in our explanation of it compared with another explanation you might find?

Elitism is a hard concept to reduce to mere words on a page, it’s something that really needs to be experienced and lived. Think of an Olympic-level athlete that has broken a world record or someone who has stepped up and done something outstanding that may have changed the world. Think Mandela, Michael Jordan, Erin Brokovich, Usain Bolt etc. That’s what we are talking about here.

Elistism in this sense refers to people who live to be elite in what they do. People who have the drive to pursue excellence.

What I am aiming to really get across is an attitude of expansion. There is always something bigger, better, faster, stronger etc. It is the elite that break through these so-called limitations we have and set a new standard.

This may sound very motivating or even idealistic but how do we actually apply it? How do we become elite in a given area? Being elite is about not settling for average. It’s about passion and consistency.

So many people get up in the morning armed with a gazzilion excuses as to why they can’t achieve their goals or why it is so much harder for them than anyone else.

You can go through life making excuses, getting bummed out about your failures or simply settling for what you believe is your “lot” in life. On the other hand you can cut the crap, stop being a baby and have enough discipline to commit yourself to doing whatever it is you want to do at a standard that is higher than anyone else’s. What do you want to be, do, have or experience? It’s up to you. I truly mean that, it is really up to you and it is a choice.

Being Elite and Putting it Into Practice

So to wrap it all up I have a few simple, common sense tips. These are the simple shifts that outstanding people make to become great…

Be Inspired: Now I don’t just mean go out and rent Rocky, be inspired once and go out all motivated for a week. What I mean is that you need a constant source of inspiration to keep you in perspective. Find some heroes and think of them as your equal. They weren’t born heroes. They are just you with a burning desire, massive passion and sufficient discipline and consistency to get shit done.

Everyone is inspired by different things. Be inspired by the best of the best. Sometimes you need perspective on what is average and what is truly outstanding.

Create an Elite Environment: Surround yourself with people who have set a high standard. Research shows that who you surround yourself with on a regular basis influences who you become.  

Discipline and Condition Yourself: When you see someone who is elite in any area, you can bet that they are conditioned and disciplined through their daily actions.

How do you live? What kinds of habits do you have? What kinds of habits don’t you have that maybe you should have?

Martial artists, athletes and soldiers among others have conditioned themselves with obsessed persistence. If you want to be elite, maybe you need to put down that cheese burger or beer and create a disciplined regime of 100% commitment. Maybe you have to get out of bed at 6am and go and exercise in the pouring rain.

Set a New Standard: Elitism in this context refers to people who are truly outstanding.

Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else could possibly expect. Michael Jordan didn’t even make the high school basketball team. He then went on to become one of the greatest players of all time. This is because he set a consistent standard and committed himself to becoming the best.

Take Action and Walk the Talk: Do you think that anyone ever became great by day dreaming? I have never heard of a bag of money falling on someone’s head while they were meditating.

Create a plan and take action. Set out to actually do something about what you want, even if you don’t yet know what the perfect action should be. Once you get off your arse and do something it is a cause set in motion.

Are committed to becoming elite? Are you going to apply these simple tools? Are you going to throw away all the bull shit excuses and make shit happen?

Don’t go out and try. Trying presupposes failure. Just do it!

Elitism is not about being better than everyone else (well it kinda is but not in a bad, arrogant sort of way). Elitism is about being outstanding, unleashing your maximum human potential and setting a standard that no one has ever reached before.

Remember the impossible four minute mile? I’ll say no more because you already know how that story goes. If not then look it up, it will explain everything.

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