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Fat Loss Programme

The following is a fat loss programme designed around those that have the time and the commitment required to put in the consistent effort required to produce the predicted result. This programme is targeted at the moderately overweight/borderline obese person that has the physical capacity to engage in an intense exercise programme. This is not to be misunderstood, I am totally aware that if you are looking at this programme then you are not in elite physical condition. However in order to follow it you need to possess the potential ability to get to a reasonable level of fitness, that simply means an absence of major long term injury and illness that may be severely limiting.

One issue I run into quite frequently is that many people try to fight nature. There is a mistaken belief by many people that if they commence an exercise programme they will magically start dropping weight at a steady pace until they are lean and buff. Imagine the disappointment when this does not happen. What I mean is that exercise alone is not sufficient to cause a great deal of change in body composition, a shift in dietary habits is what needs to occur, without it you will quite literally get nowhere. Exercise is simply a catalyst for change, the diet is the main part. Don’t take this to mean that you can get by without exercise. The training is what creates the functional changes in your body, the kinds of things that allow your body to function more effectively and efficiently, including metabolic changes and hormonal optimisation.

The Fat Loss Programme

This programme works on a three days on one day off cycle. Provided here is a seven day cycle that is to be repeated for six weeks. I say six weeks because after this time it is highly recommended that you change what you are doing and progress forward with something more advanced.

DAY ONE: Strength

Back squat for 12-8-5

Bent over row for 12-8-5

Bench press (barbell or dumbbell) for 12-8-5

Overhead barbell press for 12-8-5

DAY TWO: High intensity interval training

This can be done outdoors (running) or on any piece of cardio equipment in the average gym. My two preferences are running outdoors or the indoor rower.

Perform intervals of 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest between each. Do a total of eight intervals then rest for one minute. That’s one set, do four sets.

Ensure each interval is done at absolute maximum intensity and that each 10 second rest is precisely 10 seconds. This is called Tabata.

DAY THREE: Aerobic session

30-45 minutes at a continuous pace. This can be done running, cycling, rowing or swimming. Ensure you set yourself a challenging pace, don’t just cruise through.

DAY FOUR: Rest day

Simply rest and recover here, no training at all. Pay close attention to your diet today.

DAY FIVE: Strength

Deadlift for 12-8-5

Walking barbell lunge for 30 steps

Pull-ups, as many as possible in four minutes. Rest as needed.

Overhead dumbbell press, alternating sides for one set of 30 reps (total, not each side)

DAY SIX: High intensity interval training

As for Tabata training on day two, you can do these using any mode you like. An indoor rower is preferred, outdoor running is second choice.

Perform 10 intervals of one minute each followed by 40 seconds rest between each. Ensure you use absolute maximum intensity.

DAY SEVEN: Overall volume

This session is to be timed. Don’t move onto the next exercise until you have finished the quota of reps for the previous one. Go through the entire workout just once.

Complete the following for time…

Run 800m

100 squats (bodyweight)

50 push-ups

30 pull-ups

Run another 800m

Each time you complete the seven day cycle, you should rest for two days before starting again at day one.

 Before concluding, I can’t stress enough the importance of diet when it comes to any changes in body composition or body weight. Follow sound nutritional standards or results will be severely limited.

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