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Full Body Workout Routine

Previously we posted a full body workout routine for overall strength development. Sometimes a page like that can be confusing for people to grasp. I often forget that not everyone is experienced in fitness training methods and the misconception is usually that a person should follow the exact routine posted as a “programme” to be conducted a certain number of times per week for a given time period.

This full body workout routine is simply a demonstration of what your options are regarding fitness programmes and workouts for specific purposes.

Why a full body workout routine and not a split programme? Split programmes are fine for bodybuilders whose main focus is building muscle for appearance sake. Muscles function in groups in the real world, rarely would you ever encounter an activity requiring the isolation of a given muscle. So it is my belief and also proven scientifically that muscles must be conditioned in movement patterns that are likely to occur outside of the gym. This is because the neuromuscular system does not recognise strength developed in isolation when it comes to applying it to complex movements.

Whenever I post a full body workout routine it is always using functional, compound movements. This workout is specifically designed for sports and activities requiring a high level of balance and stability like surfing, skiing, skateboarding, ice hockey, martial arts etc. The focus is on overall strength development with an aspect of balance and core stability.

The Exercises

The exercises used in this workout are a combination of conventional ones you may already know, and other less conventional exercises that are generally a variation on conventional ones. Only the unusual ones will be explained here.

BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT: This is a single leg squat with one leg tucked up behind and resting on a bench. You can use bodyweight, dumbells or a barbell. With one leg resting on a bench behind you, squat down using the front leg as you would in a normal squat (switch legs and do it with the other one of course).

BALL ROW: Lie with your chest on a large exercise ball with your feet resting on a bench of about equal height. Hold a dumbell in each hand and perform a double dumbell row.

KNEE BALANCE: Balance on an exercise ball on your knees for as long as you can without support.

TWO-POINT PUSH-UP: This one is explained in our exercises section. It’s simply a push-up with only one arm and one leg touching the floor.

TURKISH GET-UP: Simply lie on the floor, hold a dumbell, barbell or kettlebell in the air and then stand while keeping the weight balanced above you the whole time then return to the floor, that’s one rep.

The Routine

Based on the exercises you may look at this routine already with much hesitation. The aim of the routine is to develop strength and simultaneous stability for sports requiring such development. This is also useful as an overall strength and balance routine to make ordinary tasks and regular sports easier.


20 squats (bodyweight only)

10 push-ups

Back bridge for 30 seconds

Light Turkish get-up for one rep each side
The Workout

Bulgarian split squat 3 x 8 each leg

Knee balance for a total balance time of two minutes (no matter how many attempts it takes)

Ball row 3 x 8

Two-point push-up 2 x 3 each arm

Turkish get-up x 5 each side (this may take a fair while. Perform it in alternating fashion as in left side then right side and so on for a total of 10)

That’s the full body workout routine for ultimate strength, stability and balance. Perform this or something similar regularly and you will notice significant increase in baseline strength and stability. The reason being that the added stability aspect is something that enhances real-world strength dramatically and is something often lacking and as a result limiting.

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