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    Sprint training is a form of training applicable across a large range of domains for both the individual and the athlete....

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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is a topic that has changed drastically over the last few decades. Every time you watch a news programme or current affairs show you will hear of something else that will kill you, make you sick or send you into a coma.

On the other side there are all the so-called cures and treatments for just about every disease and ailment. Alternative healthcare is even making up disorders so they can come up with methods to cure them. You may have been getting along just fine and then you find out you have a disease where your skin may melt off spontaneously due to lack of some nutrient you have never even heard of, and you didn’t even know anything was wrong.

Health and wellness is an important topic and should be something of interest to every single person. However there is one caveat; DON’T OVERDO IT! What I mean is don’t read too much into the hype of alternative medicine and nutritional supplementation. You can get too involved mentally and end up believing you have all sorts of diseases. Health and wellness should be approached intelligently.

The Four Components of Health and Wellness

In order to maintain well-rounded and complete health in all areas of life there must be balance. If any of these four components are in any way lacking, the effect on all other areas of health makes a significant impact.

1. Physical Health - This is obvious. Physical health is what comes to mind when you hear the word health. Your physical health is a multi-faceted component that is impacted through many channels such as nutrition, activity levels/fitness habits and recovery. Physical health is the number one priority in terms of how much it impacts your life in all areas. Get your physical health under control and everything else becomes easier.

2. Mental Health - Mental health refers to your state of mind, your thinking patterns etc. Mental health, like physical health, will impact on every other area of life. If mental health is inadequate then quality of life cannot be maintained. Mental health, in the same way as physical health, must be consistently improved upon. Personal development should be a part of every person's lifestyle. Aim to improve your thinking patterns, your emotional states and your intellect on a daily basis through incremental progression. Mental training can be approached in much the same way as physical training for sports and fitness.

3. Relationship and Social Health - This refers to the state of your interactions and relationships to others. It can pertain to romantic relationships, the relationship you have with your parents or children, your social life and essentially anything that involves interaction with other people. Without a healthy social life and healthy relationships your life suffers. Research shows that people with successful relationships and a healthy, active social life are more content in life and enjoy a broader and richer experience. Aim to actively connect with people daily. Spend time communicating with your spouse. Call your parents establish some common ground. Spend quality time with your kids. Organise constructive social activities with friends etc.

4. Career and Financial Health - The health and quality of your career and finances has a major impact on the kind of lifestyle you live. Long work hours can make it difficult to maintain your physical health or your social health. An unsatisfying and stressful job impacts on mental health. A sedentary job means you need to engage in more physical activity than someone in an active job. Finances impact your lifestyle by determining what you can afford to own and how much you are able to spend. Holidays cost money. Time off work often needs to be planned. Lack of finances can mean that nutritional choices are below standard. As much as we all like to think we are not bound by money or the job that we do, it still impacts the way you live. Aim to learn how money works. Begin saving. Establish investments. If you hate your job then get a better education or search for a more fulfilling role. Start a business. Aim to improve daily upon your current financial and career situation.

Each of these components is important in its own right. When one thing is out of balance it makes an impact on other areas. Pay attention to all of these components and watch the overall, compounding benefit to your overall lifestyle begin to take shape. Don't neglect anything, it will impact other areas.

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