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The Sprint Ninja Assessment: Full fitness test, training programme design & biomechanics coaching.

Sprint Coaching

  • Sprint coaching to Significantly improve your sprinting speed.
  • Develop elite agility and multi-directional speed.
  • Develop explosive power.
  • Build the body of an elite athlete.
  • Significantly improve your work capacity and power output.

Professional Sprint and Performance Coaching Programmes and athletic conditioning for ages 7 to adult. Whether you're an athlete or you just want to train like one, you're welcome to join us.

What We Do

Sprint Ninja offers sprint coaching, high performance coaching and sprint based fitness training for all levels of fitness, whether you’re just trying to look your best and improve your health or you’re focused on high level speed development in elite level sport. Training is tailored specifically to your chosen goals, current fitness level and training history.

Why Sprint Ninja?

  • Sprint Ninja Offers a precise and systematic training approach that is both evidence-based and gained from several thousand hours of coaching individuals, teams/squads and high-level athletes.
  • Training is enjoyable and goal-orientated. You won’t be flogging yourself without rhyme or reason. Everything you will do is based on a specific and measurable training outcome.
  • Regular fitness testing, specific performance based tests, body composition testing (girths and body fat percentage) and training that is aimed towards improving these performance markers.
  • A friendly yet competitive atmosphere. We regularly engage in competitive challenges so you can measure your progress against other real athletes.
  • Training is enjoyable, but not easy. Everything we do is designed for you to enjoy your training while being pushed to the upper limits of your capacity. You will train hard, but you’ll enjoy doing it.

Sprint Ninja Assessment Session

Duration: 3 hours 1 on 1 --- 3.5 hours for groups up to 10 --- 4 hours for groups 11 and over.

Fees: 1 on 1 = $150 --- Groups of 2-5 = $90 per person --- Groups of 6-10 = $75 per person --- Groups of 11 or more = $50 per person.

What's Involved? Technique/biomechanics assessment and coaching; full range of fitness tests; complete checklist for each athlete advising key individual performance markers; 8-week training programme.

Free Initiation Session: Book a completely free 30 minute express session, where will cover some basic skills, brief technique assessment and some key training take-aways.

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Train With Us!

1.       One on One: Your training is tailored very specifically to you as an individual and adjusted based on your daily and weekly performance. From $35 per session.

2.       Private Group Training: Start your own group. Anywhere from 2 - 25 people. Per person pricing based on group size.

3.     Squad Training: Join one of our training squads and train with other like-minded individuals. Training squads will run on weeknights and Saturdays. COMING IN 2018. Pre-book now to reserve your place.

About Me

My name is Chris Lyons. I have been in the fitness and sports coaching industry for 15 years in various capacities. During my high school years I competed at a state and national level in 100m, 200m, triple jump and long jump. I also played rugby union, with a particular interest in rugby 7s. Shortly after high school I was qualified as a fitness trainer/personal trainer. I have worked in gyms as a personal trainer, working with athletes, kids as young as five, elderly people and everyone in between.

Having a particular interest in all things speed related my whole life, I became a sprint training specialist in 2011 and have maintained this focus ever since. I have spent my time since then developing systems for high-level athletes in team sports as well as track and field and sprint based fitness programmes for the non-athlete looking for fitness training with a coach, not just a trainer.

Outside of sprinting and coaching people I’m an adventurer. I will try anything at least once, having jumped from planes, climbed mountains, kayaked through some interesting places, long distance ocean swimming and martial arts.

Join me on this adventure in improving your sports performance, your physique and your lifestyle.

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0412 602 746

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