One Degree

All things count in greatness. One degree is all it takes. It’s one degree that means the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Water is hot at 211 degrees F, at 212 it boils, when water boils you get steam, that steam can power a locomotive. That one extra degree makes all the difference. In life, business, sports and leadership that degree can mean the difference between good and great.

In 2004, the margin of victory in the men’s 800 metres was .71 seconds. You are responsible for your results. All it takes is that one extra bit of effort, that single degree to take you from good to outstanding.

As Tony Robbins says; when you play at a level of poor you get no results, not poor results. When you make the huge jump up to good, what happens? Do you get good results? Unfortunately not, you get poor results. Then you make the extra leap to excellence. I mean when you’re excellent you should get excellent rewards. But life isn’t rigged that way. When you do an excellent job at something you get good results. That’s it, good. But the good news is that all the rewards are at the next level and it’s disproportionate. There’s a huge jump from poor to good, then good to excellent and then a tiny, one degree step up to a level called outstanding. When you are outstanding, when you stand out, that’s when you get all the rewards.

It’s time to turn up the heat slightly, by exactly one degree. To get what you never had, you have to do what you‘ve never done. The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to take action and the faith to believe it possible.

“One decision can change your life forever” Anthony Robbins.

When you play golf and you line the club exactly centre the ball sails through the air, down the fairway and lands spot-on right in the middle of the green. What happens when the club is one degree off centre? Does the ball end up one degree off at the other end? No because it’s exponential. One degree at the tee escalates to 50 metres at the other end. That shift is the same one that occurs with a single decision, a single idea, thought or action. At this end it means nothing, in a year from now it could mean 10 million dollars, half a second in the 100 metres or the difference between divorce and a fulfilling relationship. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

You are now aware. It is up to you to set that target for everything you do.

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