Perceptive Reality

Perceptive reality is debated and discussed by behavioural therapists, psychologists, quantum physicists and hundreds of others. Simply put, reality is subjective to the person viewing it. This was discussed in the article Basics of Quantum Physics, here on this site. But lets look at it from another angle.

Reality is what a person perceives to be true. Whatever a person perceives will become a part of that individual’s world.

How Does Perceptive Reality Differ From The “Real World”?

Our perception of reality doesn’t differ from the so-called real world. The point is that the real world is not real to another person observing it, they experience something different, which is their “real world”.

Throughout our lives we are conditioned through our values and beliefs to behave a certain way, think certain things etc. This results in an individual’s model of the world. This can be referred to as their “map”. A person’s map represents what they believe to be concrete reality, and it is reality to them.

This conditioning is created through a limited view. The brain can only process between 5 and 9 chunks of information at any one time. It filters out all the rest. So our perceptive reality is created from this limited input. We then construct a model of how we think things are and it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy where belief in certain things results in thoughts and behaviours that support that belief, which then in turn creates more circumstances that support it, which then results in yet more thoughts and behaviours that are in line with the conditioned method of thinking and behaving. And so a cycle begins that is difficult to break because all things not supporting this current reality are filtered out naturally by the brain.

The Map is Not the Territory, but the Territory is the Map

If you have studied or even had an interest in NLP you would have heard the saying “the map is not the territory”. NLP presupposes perceptive reality. We were not just given a certain “lot” in life. Life is a creation of our own thoughts, behaviours and beliefs, which form patterns to support themselves and perpetuate the cycle, however positive or negative it may be.

So what does “the map is not the territory” mean? It simply means that just because something appears a certain way to you, like your life circumstances, it doesn’t make it so. It makes it true for you, but only while you continue believing it.

But then there is the other part, “the territory is the map”. What the hell is that? It’s not a contradiction. Everything you see in the material world is a creation. All man made things had to be created somehow, they didn’t just appear there. But how? They originated in someone’s mind. A person’s mind is their map, their perceptive reality. Take a look at a car, it started as an idea. The car was not yet reality, it just existed in someone’s head. That person used their personal map and had the car created. Therefore, what is seen in the material world is simply a collective creation of thoughts and ideas. They have just been brought to life and made a part of what we often believe to be objective reality.

Begin Designing

So having said all that, each person, regardless of circumstances is living in a world of their own perceptive reality, not necessarily the one real world.

With that in mind, doesn’t it then make sense that you can simply alter your map and just create a new reality? Of course it does, if it is backed by belief and strategy. So get to the drawing board and begin designing. Use some of the tools on this site to begin to alter limiting beliefs and behaviours to in turn alter your experience of reality. After all, it is all perceptive reality, none of it has to be real if you choose.



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