Training methods such as those used by Personal Evolution need to warn of the absolute potency of the training. CrossFit posted two articles about exertional rhabdomyolysis after several cases were reported as a result of their workouts. There are however many concerns, this is only one of them. Personal Evolution training is of the most potent breed of physical conditioning due to the immense level of output within a short space of time. Approached intelligently though, following our schedule will produce results that far exceed those of the so-called “safe” methodologies.

This comes as a warning to those newbies starting on the schedule. There are many hardcore athletes out there who throw themselves into the training specified on the schedule right from the get-go. Although much of their previous training was intense, it was nothing compared with the overall horse power exerted during a Personal Evolution workout. Throwing up, being sore for two weeks, passing out etc, are not indicative of intelligent training. All this demonstrates is a person’s ignorance and lack of respect for the potency of an entirely different approach to conditioning.

It is here that we will warn of the potentiality for serious injury and/or lethality if approached full-throttle from the very first workout. This is just silly and will almost definitely result in harm.

First of all, just to provide a bit of perspective for those intent on ignoring the warning, let’s look at a quick definition of one of the risks, rhabdomyolysis.

Rhabdo is a potentially lethal condition caused in this definition of it, by systemic breakdown which starts in the kidneys. This is a response to debris shed by muscle fibres that then travel through the bloodstream. This causes exhaust in the blood, which then leads to the catastrophic symptoms of rhabdo. This form of rhabdo can permanently disable or even kill a person.

This is not just for the non-athlete, sedentary person starting on the Personal Evolution schedule. Most cases like this, along with many other training problems, occurs almost exclusively in the already very fit who believe their previous training has prepared them for this.

Why is this more potent than conventional hard training?

There is no programme that exists apart from those employing similar methodology that comes even close to the power output experienced during a Personal Evolution session. Most programmes are segmented and divided into weights and cardio. These programmes are not sufficient preparation for most sports and high-level, real-world exertion. A rugby player doesn’t get to tackle in sets and reps with chosen rests between each. A fire fighter can’t lift 12 pieces of debris and then call that a set and wait 30 seconds before moving the rest off of the victim. A police officer doesn’t get to choose to run at a set pace with a specific heart rate zone while pursuing an offender. It all happens how it happens and people need to be prepared for the hardest and worst of it. This does not happen with segmented, set programmes.

Training as mentioned above has proved in our experience, based on our feedback, to be woefully inadequate in terms of ability to output large amounts of power within short periods of time. This inadequate training philosophy is the one employed by most commercial fitness centres and even by athletic coaches.

Some of the top level performers at Personal Evolution are outputting 15,000 - 20,000 foot-pounds of work per minute, sometimes for over 4 minutes before needing to rest. That’s about half a horsepower of output by a single human being in a very short space of time. Put that into a workout where rests are short after such exertion and the same output is required over the space of anywhere from 20 minutes to as much as 60 minutes.

It is almost impossible to output as much power as this without purposely training for maximum efficiency and quality of movement over such a wide and varied set of expenditure patterns and movements. It just does not happen with segmented training. This is why beginners to our approach need to heed the warnings and go through a period of introducing the body to such extreme output levels.

Many people from other programmes report that they have a number of issues when they start on the Personal Evolution schedule. The first being that they find it virtually impossible to maintain the same level of output for any length of time as those experienced in the method. Most often if they try we witness severe injury and illness. People new to this sort of training who don’t heed the warnings generally crash and burn with any number of ailments whilst working at levels of output that a Personal Evolution regular would easily exceed and still feel good the next day.

So be prepared for the absolute potency of a training methodology that is far different than any mainstream gym routine. Prepare by taking the following advice, it’s up to you to follow it.

  • Start by learning the movements and exertion patterns. Don’t go full throttle straight away, just start by going through the motions with the intent of perfecting them.

  • Don’t try and keep up with others until it is physically feasible to do so. Even if you are an athlete, it is unlikely upon commencement that you will be able to keep pace with an avid Personal Evolution trainee.

  • Maintain yourself adequately with the right nutrition, proper rest and listening to your own body’s warning signs. It’s not tough to be hospitalized, it weakens you, it does not make you stronger.

Beware the potency but also use it to your advantage by creating a level of conditioning that is unsurpassed by anyone utilising conventional methods. Be a part of a community of extremely conditioned individuals who far exceed most of those seen in gyms and even sports teams. Do so intelligently.

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