The Key To Success

I bet you get caught up in much of the choices in today’s world. Simplicity is almost a forgotten word. Well it is in its true sense anyway. One need perpetuates a cycle where you develop another need and so on until you are overloaded with things to keep up with.

Simplicity or minimalism is something certain societies have advocated for many thousands of years. The Buddhists believe that eliminating all desire and material possessions is the key to inner fulfilment. There are many who simply choose not to let stress into their lives and as a result they are happy and live simply.

I will be the first to admit that I like certain comforts in life. I love sitting around watching a good film. I like my internet access and a house with enough room to move around a bit. But beyond that I really don’t need anything else. When is enough simply enough? The way things are going the answer is never.

As a species human beings are naturally inclined to strive for certain things like status, possessions, money etc. But what is it that these things actually bring? It’s not the symbol or the actual thing that we really want, it is the feeling we think we will get when we attain it. When it comes we can be happy for a while until the next “need” comes along and then the process starts over again. That’s why there are so many people with plenty of money and status that are unhappy. It’s not that money and status make people unhappy, it’s that they often don’t live up to the person’s expectations and fulfil the feelings they thought they would feel.

More is not always better.

So if it is the feeling we want and not the actual thing then doesn’t it make sense that we need to simplify and lower the criteria we have in our mind that tells us when to feel a certain way? By now I bet you’re shaking your head thinking I have finally lost it. I’ve got news for you, I lost it a long time ago.

Getting to the real point of this article, by simplifying and having less you may be actually making your life better. Think about it, what if you were to channel your focus into only the things that you were really passionate about? What if everything unnecessary were eliminated from your life? I mean you still need things to entertain you and make you laugh etc. But you don’t need most of what you have. I tend to focus more on experiences and feelings rather than possessions. If a certain possession will allow me to have a certain experience then I consider it necessary, if I can have that experience without the thing I will take that route.

My advice here is to simplify. Simplicity really is the key to success because you get to experience the same things with less effort and less distractions.

Here is my $0.02 on simplicity and creating a more fulfilling life…

  • Begin by getting productive. What activities do you engage in regularly that are completely unnecessary? I don’t mean things that bring you much enjoyment, I’m talking about activities you do just because they are available to you. Eliminate these activities and use the saved time to engage in something useful, even if it’s just to relax and reflect.

  • Get rid of all the clutter. Everyone has a storehouse of crap throughout their home and/or office. Begin clearing it out. Ditch the unwanted clothes, clear out receipts you no longer need, give away nic nacs that serve no purpose and have no significant meaning, clean out your pantry and keep only the foods you know you will eat, get rid of any possessions that are not 100% necessary.

  • Simplicity applies to your thoughts too. Train yourself to be distraction-proof. What I mean is that you need to only occupy your mind with thoughts that are productive and enjoyable, even if that means dreaming about a date with that hot receptionist.

  • Take action or forget it. This is my last tip here. There are many things that eat away at us and cause guilt and weigh us down. It’s called unfinished business. These are ideas we have that we intend to take action on but never do. Either do it or don’t but stop dwelling on it. The only time you should be thinking of these things is if you are putting together a workable plan to get it done.

Simplicity is the key to success when it is applied intelligently. It does not mean sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. Simplicity is just eliminating the unnecessary and only occupying your life with the things that will create your most wanted experiences.

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