Speed Power Agility Exercises


Start in a standing position, drop down into a push-up, then spring back up onto your feet and immediately jump as high as you can, that’s one rep. repeat for designated number of reps or time period.

Bring it on burpees

Perform a burpee as normal except instead of jumping when you get to your feet, perform a martial arts combo then repeat the process.

Clap Push-ups

Perform a standard push-up but at the end of each rep propel your upper body off the ground and clap your hands before hitting the ground for the next rep.

Squat Jumps

Perform a standard squat but on the way up propel yourself as fast as possible and jump straight up into the air. As you land, cushion your fall by taking the impact with your knees then rebound into another rep as fast as possible.

Scissor Jumps

Start in a standard lunge position, lower yourself down and jump as high as possible landing into a lunge on the opposite leg. Keep repeating on alternate legs.

Tuck Jumps

From a standing position jump as high as you can tucking your knees to your chest. When you land, immediately rebound into the next rep. perform designated number of reps.

Frog Jumps

Begin in a deep squat position with hands flat on the ground in front. Jump as high and as log as you can and land in the same position. Repeat for designated number of reps.

Illinois Agility Test

This is complex to learn, look it up on youtube for a clear understanding.

Those are just a few of our favourite and most commonly used power and agility exercises. There are certain drills and workouts that will require additional components and will be explained in the appropriate sections.

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