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Sprint Workouts

Welcome to Sprint Workouts, your complete resource for sprint training workouts. In this section we will post sprinting WODs that are suitable and applicable to a wide range of athletes, such as CrossFit, soccer, American football, rugby, tennis or as a cross-training resource to add to your training schedule.

The workouts contained here will be updated at regular intervals. They don't have to be completed in any specific order. Use this section as a resource for specific workouts to incorporate into your program.

The workouts featured here are either specific sprint training sessions, or sessions that are designed to indirectly improve sprinting speed and/or speed-endurance.

Sprint Workouts

Snatch high pull for 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Use a weight that is heavy enough that you struggle to complete the reps. Maximum explosiveness should be applied.

Leg Speed Session

High knee sprinting on the spot for 12 intervals of 20 seconds

Emphasis on moving the legs as fast as possible.

Hang Cleans (full squat version) for 5-5-5-5-5 reps @ 75% of 1RM

Hang power snatch for 5-5-5-5-5 @ 75% of 1RM

Aim to complete each set in under 30 seconds.

Varied-stride pattern: This workout involves varied stride length and speed to provide contrast and develop different qualities such as increasing stride frequency and stride length.

HOW: Mark out a 50m stretch of ground to sprint along. Place a marker at about 15m then again 15m from there. Start by sprinting with deliberately short strides, with the focus on "quick feet". At the first marker break into super long, exaggerated strides. At the next marker hit a normal sprint as fast as you can to the end.

Do 10 x 50m

High Knee Sprint Session: This session is designed to correct and improve an important biomechanical component of sprinting power. With greater knee lift you can exert more power per stride, which translates to faster sprint times.

HOW: For each sprint you will exaggerate how high your knees lift while still maintaining a relatively natural stride. It's not like the high knees warm up drill, you are still sprinting, but with a bit of an exaggeration towards higher knees.

Do 15 x 25m

Exhaustion sprints

Sprint at 100% maximum pace for as long as you can possibly manage. When you start to slow down significantly and can't possibly maintain a sprint, that is where you stop. Do this for a total of 3 sprints. Rest 2-3 minutes between sprints. Sprint workouts.

Choose a method of resistance. This can either be a sled, a hill, a sprinting parachute or ankle weights.

Sprint 50m x 10 using your chosen resistance method for each. Rest 90 seconds between sprints.

Single leg bounding for 5 sets of 3 on each leg. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets.

10m starts x 15 - Practice the first 10m of a sprint. Be as explosive as possible.

Progressive acceleration sprints x 5 - Over a distance of 100m, start running at a slow pace, then gradually increase your speed. By the time you reach around 70m you should be at maximum pace, continue at max pace for the final 30m. Make the acceleration as gradual and even as possible. Sprint workouts.

Travelling Sprints

Instead of going to a field or track, head outside as if you were about to go for a steady long run.

Jog 100m, walk 100m , jog a little faster 100m, walk 100m, run at 75% of your maximum pace for 100m then walk 200m. That's your warm up.

Keep walking along your route. Approximately every 60-90 seconds, perform a maximum pace sprint then stop and walk again. Vary the distances of each sprint from 10m to 200m.

Allocate 30 minutes for the entire workout.

Distances are only approximate, so just estimate. Sprinting wod.

Speed endurance session (good for middle-long distance runners)

This can either be done on a 400m track, along the road/path like a normal distance run, or simply up and back on a football field. Sprinting wod.

Start at a jog and jog at a slow pace for approximately 60 seconds. At the start of each minute, sprint 100m (can be an estimated 100m) then go back to a jog. Do this on the minute every minute, with the remainder of the minute being slow jog recovery.

40 minutes.

Repeat speed session (good for players of team sports like rugby or soccer)

Mark out 10 different distances ranging from 10m to 80m.

On the start line sprint to one of these distances at max pace then walk briskly to the start and sprint again to one of the markers. Vary the distance on each sprint, keep it random and keep rests only as long as it takes to briskly walk back.

Keep going for 40 minutes.

Short to long

10m starts x 10

25m x 8

70m x x5

200m x 1

Contrast/rolling starts

Run at a moderate pace for 20m  until the start line, then hit full sprint pace for a further 20m.

Do 12 total sprints, rest 90 seconds between sprints.

Simple speed and volume session

10 x 100m sprint at absolute maximum pace. Rest 90 seconds between sprints.


Run on the spot with high knees as fast as possible for 20 seconds and then immediately sprint 200m at max pace. Do 3 in total, rest at least 2 minutes between sprints. Then…

2 x 400m time trial. Rest at least 3 minutes in between.

Pure speed session

Max pace sprints for 15 x 25m. rest 90 seconds between sprints.

Max pace sprints of 10m (just starts) x 15.

Progressive acceleration – run at a slow pace then gradually increase speed over a distance of 80m until you hit maximum pace for the final 20m. Rest 90 seconds between each and do 5 sprints. Sprinting wod

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