Success and the Advancement of Human Potential


Success is something that can be defined in many ways. For some it is amassing huge fortunes and material wealth, for others it is having a loving and healthy family. Whatever your definition is, it all comes down to knowing what you want, why you want it and taking action.

Sounds simple enough, I mean if it really was that simple wouldn’t we all be successful?

It is that simple, but most of us really don’t know what we really want from life. Do you? Most people have a set of preferences that they would like to achieve if everything comes together and they get the right breaks. Life isn’t rigged that way, in order to achieve real success in any area you need to get 100% clear on what you want and use your sensory acuity to know how much of your human potential it will take to achieve it.

Our Real Potential

Ok so you probably know by now that to achieve what you want you need to unleash a larger portion of your human potential but how?

Standards: In order to change your life you have got to raise your standards. This may sound very “motivational guru” to you but it is the only way that a person’s life changes. If we don’t raise our standards then how could you ever hope to reach your real potential?

So what do I mean by raising your standards?

It’s simple, you need to demand more from yourself than anyone else could possibly expect. If you only did what others expected of you then you would only achieve so much. What if you did the best that you were truly capable of achieving?

Real potential is not determined by what society, media, friends and family decide is possible. Real human potential is whatever you decide. It is about doing whatever it takes, deciding that there is a higher standard for you.

Don’t take this as a hyped “gee up” because that is not the intention. The message I’m giving here is probably one you have heard or already know but you just brush it off without too much thought and analysis.

If you set a standard for yourself that is higher than anyone else could possibly expect of you and decide that real success is determined by what you know you are capable of when you use the endless opportunity available to you, then what do you think each area of your life will become?

Beliefs: Now that we’re all revved up and have a higher set of standards for ourselves, we need to address some of the things that will make or break our goals in life.

Now by beliefs I don’t intend to brain-wash you into adopting some new set of family beliefs and religious views. The message here is about the everyday beliefs that affect your life and determine your behaviour in each situation.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are ideas/views that you are convinced are truth beyond all doubt. Most of the beliefs we have were not set up consciously, they are usually developed along the way throughout our lives based on experience and what we are told. Whatever your beliefs are they need to be supported by certain thoughts or references.

Your beliefs will either hold you back or propel you forward with lightening speed. Here’s an example: you may believe that you are an intelligent person. This belief is empowering because whenever you find yourself in a situation that requires intelligence to deal with it, you will be certain that you have what it takes.

Now contrast that with a belief that says you are a slow learner. When you find yourself in a situation that requires learning, you are not likely to access a part of you that will pick up what is being learned very quickly. It may hinder your efforts even with the simplest of tasks because you have set up a rule in your brain that says it takes a certain amount of time and effort to really learn or perfect something.

The first belief will likely lead to enormous forward momentum while the second one is almost certain to cause failure. Is this because you really don’t have the ability to learn quickly? Absolutely not! It’s just that your brain on a subconscious level doesn’t like to disagree with the feelings you give to it, so it does its best to fulfil your belief.

If you adopted a totally different and contradictory belief and no longer believed the negative one then your brain would search for a way to overcome any difficulty just to cement the belief in place so as not to violate it.

So how do we get these beliefs that are so important to our success or failure?

Beliefs are formed through references that are created by our experiences. Whatever we experience in our lives is recorded in our brains. If we fail at something several times, usually the brain will use these as references to form a belief that might suggest something like; I’m not capable of accomplishing this. It may form an even more destructive belief such as; I’m a failure.

It all depends on your perception.

The same applies for the positive beliefs you have. If you achieve enormous success in anything then you will more than likely believe that you are good at it.

Since beliefs are things that can be broken and formed, we have the privilege of building new references (even imagined ones) that support more empowering beliefs that will guide us towards success.

The Super Human Potential programme provides a complete set of conditioning tools to literally transform the way you see the world and gain absolute certainty about anything and eliminate all doubt of your success.

Values: Values are the force that shapes your life. Your definition of success is determined by your values. They are like a compass that points you toward every decision that you make in life.

Your values are generally something that is set up subconsciously throughout your life just as beliefs are. They are determined by your beliefs and what you believe will lead to pain and pleasure and they will tell you whether you are successful or not.

So what are values?

Values are very much self-explanatory. They are literally what you value most in your life, they are the emotions that you will do anything to have. Values are what fulfil us and also what make us empty and frustrated depending on if they are being met or not.

State: The final thing in determining your success and human potential that I will include here is our emotional states. In order to have a great life, no matter what success means to you, you must develop the ability to control your emotional states.

States have already been discussed on this site, but it also fits into this section.

Whether we live by our values or not, what we believe, our perception of life and each and every decision you make is balanced on your most consistent emotional states.

If you’re continuously angry then you will attract more of it into your life. Your life will clearly reflect the consistent emotion of anger. If you are a driven and motivated person, set on your success in everything you do, then your life will produce the results of this emotion.

Your states will determine your actions. If you are depressed, what response do you think you would get if you were to do a presentation? Not a great one I’m guessing. So we need to have control of our states in order to make the right decisions that will drive you toward success rather than being pulled away or pulled apart by states that are incongruent with your life’s purpose, values, standards etc.

Another aspect to states that really applies to human potential and lifelong success is being in the right state for the right task.

If you want to succeed in a boxing match then being in a state that’s more appropriate for playing chess is unlikely to help you succeed in the task you’re attempting. So we need to access the states that are congruent with what we want to master.

By accessing these states you can succeed at anything once you learn how to manage and control them. Again the Super Human Potential programme will show you how to access any state that you need to master to succeed at your individual outcomes.

Alternatively, fill in the form at the bottom of this page to receive our free ecourse for unleashing the incredible potential available to you.

To sum up our real potential, it’s all based on what you perceive is possible. You might have beliefs that tell you to “be realistic” and will make you set modest goals because your values are set up so that you fear disappointment which causes you to have low standards and puts you in a rut which will make you go into reaction and access negative and disempowering states which in turn will make the cycle repeat itself and you may live a life of quiet desperation and never reach the potential and success that you truly desire.

For a lot of people this sounds all too familiar. Instead of this being your future, take action now. Decide that you will raise your standards and do whatever it takes to succeed at each area of your life.

Develop real power, become a Spartan Warrior!!!

Your Definition of Success

We all have a certain definition of success, we have a view of what success means. As I mentioned earlier, it is different for each person. For some it’s material wealth that determines success, for others it’s contributing on the deepest level and leaving a legacy that lives beyond themselves. Whatever it is, you need to define what success is to you and forge a path of unstoppable momentum.

One major problem when striving for success is that we have subconscious rules that we develop. These are personal rules about what has to happen in order for us to feel good and achieve success.

You might have a goal to be as fit as can be and a super human athlete. You don’t feel successful until you have achieved single digit body fat percentages. You get miserable and unhappy when you have actually achieved what some people only dream about.

This is incredibly dangerous to your psychological health and to your long term success. Sure you have high standards but you have such a strict criteria for feeling success and pleasure that you will feel bad more often than not.

Contrast this with someone who’s criteria or rule for success is to be healthy, alive with a roof over their head. This person is likely to find success in anything and everything simply through deciding that they will be happy just because they feel like it.

Does this mean that we should lower our standards and just accept whatever happens? Absolutely not. You can set a high standard for yourself that is a must for you to achieve but it can’t be the thing that determines how you will feel.

By still adopting the high standards and elaborate and inspiring goals, but lowering your criteria for happiness you will be able to be happy on the way to achieving them. As we have discovered, controlling and managing your states is a key factor for advancing your human potential and lifelong success.

Remember, success is what you decide. Don’t set up a rule that lays down hard to please criteria for feeling successful and happy. Aim high but make it easy for yourself to feel that sense of success and accomplishment. It might be found in something as simple as a smile or a beautiful sunset.

By changing your rules to more empowering ones, you are able to have more control over how you feel which is what real success is. All the “things” of your life are just means goals, that is that they are a means to an end, the core feelings and emotions are the “end” to which you believe these means will lead.

So what makes you successful?

Take some time now to define what your real purpose is. What is the one thing that you would do anything to achieve? What drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning?

Review the pages that flow from the links of this page. Follow the steps and advice and you will be clear on what you value most, who you really are and what success means to you.

Now that you have read this page I would like to congratulate you on your success so far. You have achieved far beyond most who never finish what they started and never raise their standards enough to reach their full potential.

Live with passion,

Chris Lyons.


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