Three Minute Workout

The three minute workout, wow, I sound like one of those infomercials. But allow me to explain. This is a simple strategy for either athletes or the general population to include good, hard intervals into an existing programme where they otherwise may not have existed and do so without causing adverse reactions to other modes of training.

This will be a short article on my three minute workout strategy, very shot, because it’s simple. It’s three intervals of one minute each. Very straight forward. Ok, so that’s not three minutes when you take into consideration the rest times, but you get the idea. I will also take the time to explain when, how, where and why this three minute workout can be incorporated into your existing routine.

Before we crack on I must mention my preferred mode of delivery for this workout. That mode is the concept two rower. If you have access to a rower then use it. This will have you totally gassed by the end of these three simple intervals.

The Programme

Ok, it may seem a little strange calling this a programme, but I consider anything you do regularly to be a programme, even if it is just something that fits in with your regular programme.

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At the end of any strength workout or as a stand-alone workout to save time simply perform three interval of one minute duration at absolute maximum effort. I cannot emphasise enough the word MAXIMUM. When I say maximum I mean it, absolute and complete max effort, hold nothing back. Rest 40 seconds between each interval. Simple as that.

Well, that’s the programme, but how do you use it?

If your goal is weight loss then you might want to add this workout to the beginning, the end or beginning AND end of any of your workouts. If your goal is strength then do it at the end. Play around with it and ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of your performance for your other training.

Why and how does it work? It works in various ways for various purposes. For weight loss it is a way to ignite your metabolic rate for hours after your workout is finished. It is also a powerful way to increase your anaerobic capacity. It tells your body to adapt to an extreme demand for a prolonged period of time. Believe me, a one minute interval is a very prolonged period of time when it is done at absolute maximum effort.

Try the three minute workout for yourself. It is effective on so many levels and won’t interfere with whatever else you’re doing.

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