Training Section

Welcome to the Personal Evolution training section. This section will provide exercises, workouts, programmes and guidelines for following the Personal Evolution method.

Be honest about your own capabilities and scale your training to meet that need. The training used is altered to suit varying levels by manipulating scale not type. So the workouts are as suitable for your grandmother as they are for an elite athlete.

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The workouts are often extremely potent. The exercises are always functional in nature. Sometimes you might meet the pukie bucket or regret doing the workout 24 hours later. However, keep in mind that throwing up or passing out do not indicate intelligent training. If it happens it happens, but it's not an indication of a hero or a great training session.

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Workout Section

The workout section provides a training cycle updated every 12 days. The workouts are always different to accomodate all needs and develop all aspects of fitness.

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Training Programmes

The following is a continuously added-to list of training programmes in various categories such as strength, power, speed, anaerobic capacity, flexibility etc. Come back often for programmes all the way from beginner to elite.

You can also check out my favourite online strength and conditioning resource here.

Strength Training Program Two - Advanced maximum strength development.

400 Metre Training - A training programme for the most gruelling sprint event, the 400 metres. Based on training from Clyde Hart who coached Michael Johnson and currently coaches Jeremy Wariner.

Plyometric Training Program One - This is a broad plyometric training program for overall power development. It will produce great results for most athletes requiring power development.

Lactate Threshold Training Programme - This programme is extremely intense yet extremely effective. Before proceeding I must warn that this is not for the faint at heart and needs to be approached with a reasonable level of psychological toughness. Utilise the concept two rower to its maximum potential.

Full Body Workout Routine Two - Focus on strength and stability for real-world application and well above average strength development.

Shaolin Training - This one is not a training programme perse, however I thought it was worthy of including in this section because it is a training guide of sorts.

Strength Training Program One

Power Training Program One

Anaerobic Capacity One

Full Body Workout Routine


There are many fitness and athletic conditioning articles available on the internet. The problem is that the internet is a free-for-all, meaning that anyone can write fitness articles regardless of their qualifications, experience or authority.

This section provides fitness and sports conditioning articles in many specific categories. The advantage of this section over the articles you will find through Google searches areā€¦

We only include quality articles, no rubbish or new fad methods. The section is free like most things on this site.

The fitness articles in this section are on topics ranging from weight loss to sport specific athletic conditioning.

Volume Versus Intensity

Plyometric Training

Tactical Training

Strength Training

Abdominal Programs

Muscle Imbalances

Health and Wellness

The Back Squat

High Intensity Interval Training

Exercise for Children

The Potential of a Child

Strength Training For Children

Fitness Training Methods of Bruce Lee

Be Your Own Coach

Training to Train


Military Fitness Tests

Genetics Role in Athletic Performance

MMA Conditioning

Adrenal Fatigue

Seven habits of highly effective athletes

Relative Strength

Physical Needs of Middle Distance Runners

Childhood Development Stages

Early Childhood Physical Development

Child Development

Nature Vs Nurture

Power training for endurance athletes



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