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Weight Loss Program

This is a weight loss program designed for anyone and everyone looking to lose body fat and decrease overall body weight. This is not specifically for men, women or any other category, it is for anyone. The program is designed to be extremely efficient and simple but radically effective when combined with the right nutritional plan.

This programme combines strength training and high intensity intervals to literally melt the fat from your body. But don’t get fooled into thinking it’s that magic bullet you’ve been looking for, that does not exist. This is hard work but it won’t consume your life. It requires effort and clean eating. Follow it to the letter, take on our nutritional guidelines and recommendations and you WILL notice rapid results.

The Programme

This is a simple weight loss program that requires you to follow what is prescribed. Don’t steer away from the strength training, it is an essential part.

This weight loss program consists of only two workouts. Simply progress by increasing the amount of weight you lift and increasing your effort on the intervals performed, simple. Keep the intensity high and keep good form and max range of motion. Rest only 30 seconds between sets and keep the heart rate high.


Deadlift for 12-8-4 (as the reps get lower the weight gets higher)

Walking lunge for two sets of 24 steps

Bent over row for 8-8-8 super-set each set with a max set of pull-ups. For those that can’t do pull-ups simply do assisted pull-ups, lat pulls or horizontal row.

Dumbell pull-over for 8-8-8 superset each set with a max set of push-ups or modified push-ups.

Overhead press for 8-8-8

Now it’s time to finish it off with a bang. This workout will finish off with intervals. I like to do these on the rower, it gives the best overall output. Choose one of the following interval protocols.

60 second effort with 40 seconds rest x 3

20 seconds effort with 10 seconds rest x 8

Do these intervals at your absolute maximum capacity. Remember, you only need to do ONE of these interval formats, not both of them in each session.


This is what is known as a fartlek session. You can do it cycling, swimming, running, rowing or whatever tickles your fancy.

The workout can last for 20 minutes to 60 minutes, whatever you have the time and energy to endure.

Perform three minutes at a steady and easy pace. Every three minutes of easy pace you increase it to a faster pace for your own choice of time. Mix it up by varying the length of each high intensity effort.. So the first fast pace might be maximum intensity for only 10 seconds. Then you might do 80% effort for 2-3 minutes. Then you might do near-max effort for 45 seconds. Mix it up and continue this for the duration of the workout. Don’t stop throughout the whole duration.


Perform this weight loss program four days per week, alternating between each workout. Eat a clean diet and ensure you remain consistent. It really is that simple.

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